Passion Beyond Work — Phuoc, tech whiz by day, judo enthusiast by night!


Meet Phuoc Do, Luxoft Software Engineer, whose journey extends beyond the lines of code and into the world of judo. After a day in front of the computer, Phuoc finds time to break a sweat on the judo mat. Luxoft's commitment to flexibility allows Phuoc to seamlessly integrate his passion into his routine, demonstrating how work can coexist with personal pursuits. Read on to learn more about Phuoc’s journey.



How long have you been with Luxoft?


2 years


Briefly share with us a bit about your work/role.


I am SW Engineer in Automotive Data Communication Domain.


What is your life like after working (including weekends)? For example, what is your favorite hobby?


My hobby after work is judo.

I practice judo three times a week after work, one and a half hours each time. It’s refreshing to break a sweat after sitting the whole day. Unlike the gym, you can get motivated by watching mock battles between other members and wanting to join in.



How does Luxoft help you maintain a work-life balance?


Flexible working hours and working from home helps reduce my travel time allowing me to plan for judo practice.


What would your advice be for tech professionals who are busy and struggling to find time for their passions?


Learn to say no. Know when to stop and take care of your mental and physical health. No string can be stretched forever. Someday it will snap.


Phuoc Do’s a great example of how Luxoft fosters an environment where talents thrive and passions flourish. If you're looking for a company that values both your work and your personal life, Luxoft is the place for you. Apply now to be a part of our vibrant community!