Passion Beyond Work — Huong, visualizing success!


Huong Nguyen, the Head of Employer Branding APAC at Luxoft, who has dedicated seven dynamic years to shaping Luxoft's reputation as an employer of choice. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Huong immerses herself in the art of food photography, a passion that fuels her creativity. Read on to learn more about her journey.



How long have you been with Luxoft?


7 years


Briefly share with us a bit about your work/role.


My main goal is to promote Luxoft as an employer of choice by showcasing our organization's unique cultural differentiators, sharing true and inspiring stories from our own employees to attract like-minded talents.


What is your life like after working (including weekends)? For example, what is your favorite hobby?


One of my favorite hobbies — that I found during the Covid lockdown in 2020 — is food photography. I feel so much joy and creativity being a food photographer (of course just an amateur one). And I have taken a series of photos of home-cooked Vietnamese food that I would love to share.


Elaborate more about your hobby:

During the pandemic, we had to stay home and cook meals ourselves. Therefore, I had more chances to nurture my hobby on a regular basis. Now when life is back to normal, I tend to do it once a week or when we have some nice food.

Taking a perfect food photo is as hard as doing my professional job. First, you have to think like an artist, then discover the beauty of the food that you want to share via your photos, arranging it in a nice and unique way using different dishes, textiles, props, and surfaces, then spotting the photos from the right angle with good light. Sometimes, despite all of the effort, the outcomes are not as good as the expectation, and that is when we need to practice more.



How does Luxoft help you maintain a work-life balance?


Luxoft offers a true work-life balance. Here it’s not a matter of splitting one's time equally between work and leisure, instead, it’s about feeling fulfilled in both parts of one's life.

At Luxoft, I can both professionally focus on meeting work deadlines while still having quality time for my family, and my hobbies. And that is the reason why I am proud to be part of Luxoft.


What would your advice be for tech professionals who are busy and struggling to find time for their passions?


  • Set aside some time every day (or a particular day of the week) to nurture your own hobby.
  • Know how to prioritize your time and stick to your calendar.
  • Be brave enough to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.


Huong's story is a testament to Luxoft's commitment to fostering a vibrant community where diverse passions thrive. Are you ready to be a part of an organization that values your uniqueness and empowers you to flourish both professionally and personally? Apply now and uncover the endless possibilities that await!