Your Luxoft Journey

Can Start Anywhere

At Luxoft, we're making sure our future employees are safe and secure. We're hiring at full speed for our secured projects run for global industry leaders. Even during this challenging time you can rest assured: applying for Luxoft opportunities is as safe as can be. More than that, all steps are fully online, so you don't even have to leave your house. It doesn't get any better than this! Join us today.

Learn about Us

As a leading IT company, Luxoft has a robust digital presence, so it is easy to become familiar with the company online. From participating in online events such as LoGeek Nights, listening to our in-depth TechTalk podcasts, or honing your skills by joining one of our Luxoft Technology Series webinars, those interested in knowing more about Luxoft have numerous ways to get a feel for our company. That is not to mention our social media presence and Luxoft’s regular LoGeek Magazine, which comes out both in print and online. Getting a vibe for Luxoft is only a click away.

Meet Us Online

Luxoft recruiters use the latest IT solutions for remote and online communication with our future employees. We organize all candidate interviews via Zoom, Zoiper, Skype for Business, etc. You only need to have Wi-Fi and a computer or smartphone available. Through the video interviews, you will meet your recruiter as well your future colleagues and manager face-to-face. In these meetings, you can ask about the company, your role, work conditions, and any other questions you might have.


All recruitment process steps, from the first introductory interview with the recruiter to the offer announcement, can be easily conducted online. Recruiters will keep in touch with you and answer questions via all possible messengers to ensure that you have a smooth and simple hiring journey.

Join Us

We provide all information and documents via e-mail so that you do not need to leave your home as you gear up to join us. Our Newcomer Handbook, supported by introductory Zoom meetings, will walk you through the main onboarding stages. Through the handbook and meetings, we explain how to navigate Luxoft systems, achieve outstanding results, develop professional capabilities and leadership skills, boost your personal team effectiveness, and how to find new challenges and career opportunities at Luxoft.


We make sure our new employees pass all onboarding steps such as getting to know their manager and team, learning the ins and outs of their job and project, coping with their first challenging tasks, and setting and completing SMART goals.


To help you achieve top-level efficiency and a sense of fulfillment, we offer a wide variety of workshops, trainings, courses, and programs tailored to your personal and business needs as well as consultancy and support in reaching your own and your team’s goals.

Grow with Us

Learning Management and Development (LMD) Services enables each member of the company to access various training services such as trainer-led courses, upskilling programs for Direct and Line Managers, webinars, foreign language lessons, training paths & sets, internship programs, self-learning libraries, external providers (conferences and certifications), and other training services.


Within the LMD, one of our services is #SelfLearning, which empowers continuous self-education within the company, giving our Luxofters the opportunity to improve their professional skills and learn anytime and anywhere. It provides access to relevant materials for self-study and effective tools for knowledge sharing. We know that education is no longer about a place. It’s about a thirst for knowledge.


Education with the help of LMD is your opportunity for career and professional growth.