Additional rules for external potential reference providers from Poland

We would like to inform you that recommendations from external reference providers can be accepted only if such external reference providers have free access to labor market in the following countries and are able to receive the payments in accordance with local legislation and rules:

  • Russia,
  • Ukraine,
  • Romania,
  • Poland,
  • Mexico,
  • Vietnam,
  • USA.

Otherwise, we are unable to guarantee the payment of referral bonuses.

For Poland:

In case if external reference provider isn’t a Polish citizen, free access to Labor Market – is permanent residence permit, Long term EU residence permit, dependent residence permit (on the basis of marriage with polish citizen or Blue Card holder), residence permit for graduate of Polish University on stationary studies.

Please note that referral bonuses are determined and paid in accordance with the internal policy, adopted in a given country. Payment of the referral bonus will be made according to the rules of country that pays the bonus.