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Do you know talented IT specialists in Poland? The Referral Program empowers you to connect your talented IT friends with great career opportunities by referring them to Luxoft. It is also a great way for you to get rewarded for a referral! Check this page to learn about the rules of our Referral program for external recommenders and available open roles.



Referral Program rules for external reference providers in Poland


Who can participate in the program?


The program is open only to citizens of Poland.

We would like to inform you that external reference providers can receive the reward only if such external reference providers have free access to labor market in Poland and are able to receive the payments in accordance with local legislation and rules. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the payment of referral bonuses. If the external reference provider isn’t a Polish citizen, free access to labor market includes those who possess permanent residence permits, long term EU residence permits, dependent residence permits (based on marriage to a Polish citizen or Blue Card holder), or residence permits for Polish University graduates.

How to submit a reference


All references must be submitted via the Referral Platform before the start of recruitment process.



References sent via email will not be accepted. By submitting a reference via the Referral Platform, you confirm that you have read and agree to this Referral Program rules for external reference providers in Poland


All candidates will be evaluated for employment/cooperation as consistent with Luxoft’s policies and procedures. There is no guarantee a referral will be interviewed or engaged in any form of cooperation with Luxoft


Prior to providing the personal information of a candidate, please obtain the candidate’s consent to share their personal information with Luxoft for recruitment purposes

What is considered a valid reference?


A valid reference should include the following information:


  • Name and surname of the candidate
  • Contact details so we can get in touch with the candidate: phone number, еmail, Skype, etc. (links to social network profiles without contact details will not be counted as valid referrals)
  • The candidate’s job specialization or information about a suitable vacancy (preferably)
  • The candidate’s CV (preferably)
What references are accepted?


Only references for eligible candidates can be accepted

Only references for positions in Luxoft Poland can be credited

All accepted references are valid for 3 months from the date the referral is submitted

What candidates are not eligible as referrals?


  • Current Luxoft employees (as current employees can apply to open positions through a different corporate program, Internal Mobility)
  • Individuals who have been engaged in the recruitment process within the 3 months prior to being referred or who have already been referred by someone else
  • Contractors or contingent workers currently providing services to Luxoft
  • Candidates sourced from recruitment agencies prior to being referred
  • Self-applications


What referrals are eligible for bonuses?


  • Referrals meeting validity and acceptance criteria
  • Referrals for which the person referred passes the Luxoft recruitment process, is hired within 3 months of the date when the referral was submitted, and stays at Luxoft for at least 3 months
  • Referrals for all roles that are not for junior- and intern-level roles or regular-level administrative roles (except for director, program manager, and head of department)


Referral bonuses for external recommenders


  • If all conditions mentioned above are met, you will receive a referral bonus within 90 days of the referred candidate’s three-month anniversary at Luxoft
  • The referral bonus is calculated considering the role-specialization-seniority of the hired referred candidate
  • The referral bonus is paid in accordance with the Referral Program policy in effect at the time of payment. All payments are made according to the rules of the country where the payment is remitted.
  • The company may change its Referral Program over time to modify or add incentives
  • In order to participate in the program and be eligible to receive the reward, the external reference provider undertakes to:
    • sign the agreement required for referral bonus payment and return it to a specified address
    • complete a statement for tax purposes and provide the documents requested by Luxoft confirming the statement
  • The additional requirements mentioned in this section are relevant only in cases of referral bonus payment.
Still have questions about our external referral program in Poland?


We will be happy to answer in detail.


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