Recruitment Process


Luxoft is looking for employees around the world. While employees can work remotely, we also have a relocation program aimed at helping employees and their families relocate and adapt. We are always in need of IT staff, software engineers, QA experts, and many other professionals. All vacancies at Luxoft can be seen on the company website. In order to find a suitable opportunity quickly, you can use filters such as location, programming language, or field of professional interest.


If you cannot find the opportunity that fits the specified criteria, do not worry! Send us your resume, and we will review your application whenever a suitable vacancy is available. Keep track of career opportunities at Luxoft by visiting the company website, following us on social media, keeping in touch with your recruiter, and subscribing to our job opportunities newsletter. We will let you know when something interesting opens up!

Send Your Resume

Resumes give us the first impressions of candidates. Not only should they be simple and neat, but they should also contain all the information that the recruiter or your future employer may need.


Luxoft is an international company, and the people with whom you will communicate during the recruitment process may not know your native language. We would appreciate it if you submitted your resume in English.

Recruiter Interview

Recruiters conduct the first candidate interview over the phone or via remote connection technologies such as Zoom, Zoiper, and Skype for Business, among others. This interview may take about an hour. You will be asked a few questions on the reasons for changing your workplace and choosing Luxoft, your experience and availability, as well as your desired salary and career expectations. Do not hesitate to tell us about your salary expectations. This information will save time, as it will allow us to identify suitable vacancies for you. The recruiter will be also able to present you several vacancies that you can consider in parallel, so there is no need to search the market to have a wide selection of opportunities. There is plenty of choice within our company.


Besides, you will have the chance to ask questions about the company, your tasks, and working conditions. Unfortunately, we are not always able to answer all questions regarding project technical aspects right away, but we will try to get this information and provide it to you as soon as possible.


After the interview, the recruiter will inform you about the next stage of the recruitment process, and you will be able to discuss further interaction with the company.

Technical Specialist Interview

The technical interview, which will also take place online, may take about an hour. The date and time of the interview will be agreed upon in advance for your convenience. If you are considering several vacancies for different projects, we can organize several separate technical interviews that will target the required skills for each individual project. The technical interview is also a prime opportunity for you to meet your future colleagues and ask any questions you may have about the skills and technologies implemented in the project.

Project Lead Interview

If the technical interviews confirm that your skills fit our requirements, you will be offered an online interview with the project lead. As opposed to a regular technical interview, at this stage, you will most likely be asked about your personal qualities. This is done to find out how you act in certain situations, which approaches you use in your work, and what role you will play in the team. During the interview, you will have the chance to discuss your career aspirations and motivation to work at Luxoft.

Client Interview

During this stage, you will talk to a representative of one of Luxoft’s clients online. During this interview, the client will assess how suitable you are to work in the existing team if such a team has already been created. This interview also gives you the opportunity to meet a representative of the company for which the project is being implemented. If you don’t pass this interview for whatever reason, do not worry. Taking into account that you have passed all the previous stages, we will be glad to review your application for other projects that are good fits for your experience.

Job Offer

If we receive positive feedback from the client, we will invite you to an online discussion to hash out the details of the job offer. In some cases, the initial job offer may be announced over the phone. If you feel comfortable with the proposed terms, this is where your hiring journey will come to its successful culmination. If you have additional questions or if you need time to consider and make a balanced decision, the decision deadline can be extended by several days.

Your First Day At Luxoft

Congratulations! We are happy that you have accepted our offer and are ready to join the Luxoft team! To help you better prepare for your first working day, the recruiter will contact you online and provide you with all relevant information. You will receive clear instructions on which papers we need, who to contact, and what to expect on your first day at Luxoft. We will also provide you with introductory training so that you can learn more about our company. See you soon!

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Change Management Payments Project Manager London, GB Senior
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Functional Safety Senior SOTIF engineer Remote Germany, DE Senior
Functional Safety Senior SOTIF engineer Remote Egypt, EG Senior