LoGeek Night

Odesa, October 1

What LoGeek Night is?

First of all you should know that LoGeek Night is for free thanks to LTS. Our event is a casual meetup and great opportunity for IT fans to gain some knowledge from areas of their interest. Imagine a comfortable place, where snacks and drinks are served and all you need to do is to open your mind and enjoy knowledge sharing. There will be time for speakers, there will be time for discussions and there will be time for networking too. Feed your curiosity and see what’s going to happen!


Impact Hub Odesa

1A Hrets’ka Street



October 1 - 7 pm



Start, welcome speech


Vitalii Nuzhnyi: “Mobility Revolution and Luxoft Automotive Projects” + discussion


Marek Jersak: “Autonomous Drive: From Sensors to Motion” (ENG) + discussion




Count of registrations: 93 / 130

About speakers:

Ирина Дятленко
RM Head Ukraine, GRM/Regional Department Manager
Елена Самборская
Managing and HR Director
Юлия Смойловская
Delivery Director BCM
Константин Резник
Delivery Manager BCM
Алексей Червинский-Ивашура
VP, Automotive Engineering
Андрей Моисеев
Engineering Director
Павел Сергиенко
Technical Lead
Теймур Диленян
Lead Software Developer


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