Luxoft Logeek Night

 Wednesday, August 24, 2022

About The Event

This August 24th, Cloud experts will unite at our LoGeek Night event in Warsaw

Come join to discover new fascinating insights into this key technology. We have planned two exciting Cloud presentations and for sure we will discover something new as we join to exchange experiences. Check it out!



NINE's Restaurant & Sports Bar

Haberbuscha i Schielego 6, 00-844 Warszawa



Wednesday, August 24, 2022
6.30 PM

About Speakers:

Wjtek Gawroński - Senior Developer Advocate at AWS dedicated for Central and Eastern European region. Working with Cloud Computing and Data Engineering since 2015 - in different roles: starting from IT Operations Engineer, Software Engineer and Cloud Architect. Functional programming and Serverless architecture aficionado. 9x Certified AWS Specialist. Speaker, lecturer, and content creator.

Sebastian Gebski - Principal Solutions Architect at AWS. Ex-CTO, ex-VP/Eng, co-built online platforms since 2001: from startups to international financial groups, on 3 continents, designing solutions for developer factories of up to 300 people and building engineering organisations of up to 70 people. Hyper-active blogger, contributes to CTO Morning Coffee and reads compulsively. Fan of DDD, Systems Theory and DSLs.









Chaos Engineering in practice (on AWS) - Sebastian Gebski






Lines and Boxes: Integration is the key to Modern Cloud Applications - Wojciech Gawroński



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Networking with snacks & beverages

The event will be held in Polish

Chaos Engineering in practice (on AWS) - Sebastian Gebski

When building modern cloud infrastructures, we spend a lot of time on issues such as fault tolerance (fault tolerance, resilience), autoscaling and disaster response (self-healing, disaster recovery). The mechanisms we use for this, however, are primarily code and parameterisation - both of which can contain bugs, so testing them is essential. But how do you test a system's response to a failure? By ... by breaking something This (in a nutshell) is what Chaos Engineering is all about: we cause a controlled problem and observe how our defence mechanisms deal with it. The session will focus on Chaos Engineering on AWS in practice - what tools offered by AWS can be helpful (e.g. Fault Injection Simulator), what services can be tested with them, how to integrate Chaos Engineering experiments with other AWS services (e.g. CloudWatch, EventBridge). The overarching goal is to show (in practice) that getting started with Chaos Engineering does not have to be as difficult and time-consuming as it seems.

Lines and Boxes: Integration is the key to Modern Cloud Applications - Wojciech Gawroński

Modern Applications deployed in the cloud are based on serverless or microservices architectures and they are typically fine-grained, distributed, and interconnected. It's perfectly normal to represent those systems in a form of a diagram consisting - more or less - lines and boxes. Lines (connections between boxes that represent components) impose important functional and non-functional characteristics of the systems - like scalability, availability, and coupling. In this session, you will learn how serverless and application integration tools available in the AWS cloud make those connections explicit, automatable, and manageable. In other words: you will learn why lines (integrations) are as just important as boxes (components).

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