Luxoft Automotive Night

Braunschweig, September 27

What is Luxoft Automotive Night?

First of all you should know that Luxoft Automotive Night is brought to you by Luxoft Technology Series (LTS) and is free of charge for you. It is a casual meeting and great opportunity for IT fans to gain some knowledge from areas of their interest. Imagine a comfortable place, where snacks and drinks will be served and all you have to do is to open your mind to knowledge sharing. There will be time for speakers, there will be time for discussions and there will be time for networking too. Feed your curiosity and see what's going to happen!

Luxoft Braunschweig invites you to our automotive night where our speakers will discuss the present and future of Autonomous Drive: what we have achieved already and what the future needs from us. This will be followed by the hot topics like Adaptive Autosar and Agile Development. Come and learn about our vision for the future of automotive and what we do to get there.

Dr Marek Jersak - Autonomous Drive: From Sensors to Motion

The Automotive industry is in the midst of a MOBILITY REVOLUTION: zero accidents, zero emissions, zero ownership. This talk focuses on transitioning from Level-2 driver assistance software to Level-4 and ultimately Level-5 autonomous vehicles

We will introduce some key topics:

  • Differences between levels of automation
  • Sensing, decision making and controlling
  • Ecosystems and SW co-development

Dr Kai Richter - Adaptive Software Platforms: Enablers for Highly Automated Driving

OEMs integrate own software with software functions from various suppliers onto rapidly changing hardware platforms.

As a result, we see more and more dynamic and adaptive software platforms with middleware that holds everything together.

  • POSIX and hypervisors on hybrid many-core systems-on-chip
  • Service-oriented communication with sockets, SOME/IP, and ARA:COM
  • Modern, scalable build chains with bitbake, yocto, and QEMU

Dr Jonas Diemer - SAFE, LESS, Scrum of Scrums: Transition to Agile Software Development

Ever-growing complexity of automotive software can no longer be tackled with the traditional V-Model approach. It requires employing scalable, agile development processes that continuously elicit and refine requirements to bring great products to the market in time.

  • How does agile help closing the requirements gap?
  • Which agile framework to choose?
  • How to transition from classical V-Model?
  • How to fulfil customer process requirements like Automotive SPICE?


FourSide Hotel

Joeddenstrasse 3



September 27- 7 pm


7:00 pm



First talk


Second talk


Third talk




Dr Marek Jersak

Dr Kai Richter

Dr Jonas Diemer


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