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Luxoft Technology Series #9

Luxoft Technology Series #9

October 16, 2014

TypeScript for Java Developers

Is your JavaScript growing out of control? Would you like to add some class to your client-side development? With TypeScript you can. TypeScript is an optionally typed superset of JavaScript. It adds classes, interfaces and other object-oriented constructs familiar to Java developers. In the end it all compiles down to regular JavaScript for consumption by any JS runtime. Be it a browser or for example Nashorn.

In this session we introduce TypeScript by example. You’ll see that it's more modular, less error-prone and more fun to code in TypeScript!

About Speaker

Sander crafts scalable software at Luminis Technologies. With a decade of experience on the JVM, he specializes in modular Java and JavaScript development. Additionally, data analysis and machine learning are part of his ever growing list of interests. Sander loves sharing knowledge, for example through his blog at and by writing for the Dutch Java Magazine.

He speaks regularly at international developer conferences, sharing his passion for high-quality software development.