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Luxoft Technology Series #17

Luxoft Technology Series #17

September 8, 2016

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) provides easy to use and composable abstraction for high-performance computing, hiding the complexities of non-blocking concurrency implementations. Webinar will discuss how to build complex Java and JavaScript IoT and Robotics systems using Domain Driven Design (DDD), FRP, Microservices (reactive streams), and Event Sourcing (ES) with Spring Reactor, RxJS and Angular 2 frameworks. Demo includes reactive hot event streams processing on custom developed robot called IPTPI (

Speaker: Trayan Iliev

Short Bio:
Trayan is founder and CTO of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies – IT consultancy and training company specialized in REST/JSON APIs, Java/JS/ES6/TS web and mobile development. He is Oracle (OCJP6) & OMG certified software developer, project manager, and trainer with 14+ years experience. Clients include big international and top Bulgarian software, insurance and telecom companies. Trayan is frequent speaker at Bulgarian Oracle User Group conferences (9 talks) on diverse topics ranging from novelties in Java EE 7/8, portlets and REST HATEOAS to robotics and IoT. He is organizer of regular Java robotics and IoT hackathons in Sofia. Trayan had talks at jPofessionals and Voxxed Days Java conferences – latest about end-to-end high performance reactive programming and reactive Java robotics.