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October 17, 2019

About the presentation:
Integrating more than 100 external platforms from around the world, for all types of business cases related to financial market, we have gathered extensive experience using Apache Camel.
We will go through the main benefits that Camel offers:
- High-level abstractions which allows great extensibility;
- Hundreds of components which enables easy access to message queues, APIs, databases, anything which can be a data source;
- Support for around 50 data formats, to marshall/unmarshall and translate;
- Message routing and Enterprise Integrating Patterns implementations;
Finally, a jump-start live example will show how easy is to get started with a integration project

About the speaker:
Ionut Bilica has been working as a Java Developer since 2006 on projects from a wide area of business, from internet services and telecom applications to finance platforms development.
He is passionate about practicing and preaching a good design and clean code, pushing for productivity through quality. He joined Luxoft in 2015, his current role is of Development Manager in the Murex Project.
Ionut has BSc in computer engineering from the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics.

Language: Romanian.