What is LTS

Luxoft Technology Series (LTS) is a series of free online events with famous IT lecturers who have rock star status in IT community. It is targeted to IT professionals who have interest in obtaining expert level knowledge.


Stanimira Vlaeva

Stanimira is a software engineer on the NativeScript core team at Progress, focused on the the integration with Angular and performance optimizations. Lately, she's been working on providing an official way for sharing code between web and mobile Angular via NativeScript schematics and webpack.

Past webinar

Supercharging your Angular library with `ng add`

You have just written an amazing Angular library. You put it on GitHub, because it will save tons of time for other developers. You impatiently refresh the npm page checking the downloads. Wait, why is nobody using it? Is it because of the tedious 12-step setup?

Don't worry! The Angular CLI comes to the rescue!

The new `ng add` command allows your library to do all configurations automatically. You can turn your boring setup into an installation schematic - a simple, declarative script that will be executed whenever somebody 'ngadds' your library to their project.