Join our team building next generation
of chip making machines

Moore’s Law into the Era of Digital Transformation

Whether we’re talking computers, tablets or our indispensable smart phones, Cloud, AI, IoT, we continuously crave for better, cheaper, faster and more efficient devices and technologies. The microprocessors used for our smartphones and computers have gotten exponentially complex over the years continuing to obey the famous Moore’s Law.

Program Description:

Our client is a leading company in the world capable of developing the next generation of chip-making machines that will allow Moore’s Law to continue further.

Investing heavily in research and development, our client invents techniques to design machines that can produce smaller and smaller electronic circuits that use ever less energy and require a relatively lower amount of resources.

For more than 4 years Luxoft has grown as a top supplier for the client. continuously contributing for designing, developing and testing software applications for Integrated Circuits Lithography machines, becoming a mature service and solution provider.

Technologies we use:

  • Linux
  • Python, Django, Jenkins
  • Java SE, Java EE
  • C/C++
  • C# .NET
  • Dockers/Kubernetes

Eindhoven – The European Silicon Valley

You will be part of a multi-national team of young passionate developers and testers responsible for development of the next generation of chip-making machines.

Our team is based in Bucharest and Eindhoven, present also in the famous HighTech Campus - the so-called smartest square kilometer in Europe that accommodates over 160 companies and over 1000 tech-savy researchers from all over the world.

So if you are a passionate developer or tester, you might want to join our Next generation of chip-making machines. Apply here for our open roles:

Project Description

About the Project

Image processing software development for Electron Microscopy Solutions

our team

Work on-site at one of the leading players in microscopy and semiconductor technologies

Technologies used

Object Oriented Python

Opportunities for you

Relocation to The Netherlands Eindhoven


The ideal candidate for this position enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary technical environment to solve complex technical problems and will possess the following combination of education and experience:

  • Typically requires, BSc or MSc degree in Computer Science, Informatics, or related technical discipline
  • Experience in technical software for high-tech equipment
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar job. Development experience on top of highly-integrated, high-performance systems used in semiconductor capital equipment or related industries. At a minimum, development experience with medium sized software applications
  • Must demonstrate clear ability to develop effective integration software for complex, high-performance subsystems and components
  • Able to work on diverse objectives and problems where analysis of situation or data requires an evaluation of identifiable factors
  • Knowledge of interoperability between different programming languages



Qualified candidates should have ability or interest to program using the following languages and techniques within the listed development environments:

  • Windows 7 / 10
  • Python
  • Python Language 2.7 / 3.6
  • Enthought Python Distribution
  • Python libraries (boost.python, NumPy, SciPy, etc)
  • Applications (Flake8, PySide, PyTest, Coverage)
  • Experience with image processing mathematical background

Further preference given for hands on experience with one or more of the following areas:

  • Agile/Scrum Development
  • Test Driven Development, Unit testing
  • Source control management (Git)
  • Experience with optics
  • Experience with image processing

Project Description

Our client is a market leader producer of Integrated Circuits Lithography and Metrology machines, based in the Netherlands.


Our client is searching for an all-round DevOps engineer, not a 'die hard' infrastructure role or core develop. Someone who is able to maintain the software development environment. Main work is to develop and maintain automatic configuration infrastructure based on Puppet or to migrate scripts or configuration from SCCM tu Puppet.


  • Puppet, Windows client and server
  • Atlassian (Bamboo, Bitbucket, Jira)
  • Bash and Ruby for Puppet development

Project Description

Our client is a market leader producer of Integrated Circuits Lithography and Metrology machines, based in the Netherlands.


  • Owner for integration stream
  • Rebase, resolve merge conflicts
  • Stream builds validation running automated tests
  • Maintain / update delivery documentation
  • Patch creation, patch validation
  • interface with multiple SCRUM teams

Technical Skills

  • 2+ years of hands on experience with QA automation (Python preferred).
  • Good knowledge of QA processes and Defect Life Cycle
  • Experienced at writing Test Cases, generating Test Data, Test Execution and Test Reporting.
  • Basic skills with administering Linux systems and Shell scripting
  • Experience working with network protocols and equipment (routers/switches/firewalls/VPN)

Project Description

Our client is a market leader producer of Integrated Circuits Lithography and Metrology machines, based in the Netherlands.

Project scope is development and maintenance of standalone desktop and server based software for Metrology (lithography measurement process) machines.


  • New features development, unit/functional testing, design documentation
  • Development is mostly for new features
  • Development is full-stack


Required experience/skills:

  • Java 8, Java EE, Maven 3, JUnit
  • Spring Boot/Wildfly Swarm, Apache Kafka, Docker, DC/OS (Mesosphere), HBase, MongoDB
  • Experience with any BigData frameworks like Hadoop/HDFS/Apache Zookeeper/Apache Pig/Flume/Hive
  • Tools: Git, Bitbucket, Jira, IntelliJ
  • Desktop applications experience (JavaFX would be ideal)
  • AGILE / SCRUM methodologies
  • English language (intermediate or better)
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player attitude
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Mathematical/Physics background
  • Interest to gain domain knowledge(Integrated circuits lithography and metrology)

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