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Excelian has one of the world’s leading Murex practices. We are a top tier Murex Alliance Partner and a market leader for the implementation, integration, upgrade and migration of Murex products. We provide end-to end, project services and have delivered over 200 successful Murex projects across all major asset-classes and sectors including investment banking, asset management, corporate treasury and insurance.

As a result our staff work on some of the most exciting and professionally satisfying projects in the world.

Dmitry Loschinin, CEO, Luxoft

Our Murex capability is central to our financial services portfolio. We are incredibly proud to have long held a strong market position as specialists in this space. However, our long term investment in the Murex partnership, combined with recent expansion in the Asia Pacific region, now takes what we can deliver into a different dimension.

Why the Excelian and Murex relationship is so successful.

Philippe Galin, Alliance Manager, Murex

We greatly value our partnership with Excelian. In more than eight years of working together, the relationship has gone from strength to strength, thanks to Excelian’s commitment to continually invest in the relationshipand develop its Murex expertise.

Our Alliance Partnership with Murex has provided the foundations for our growth. We have continually adapted and improved our project lifecycle, acceleration tools and organisation to dovetail with Murex methodologies and engagement models, including, MXpress, FEM and MXplus, in order to provide our clients with an optimised approach for projects and services for their Murex platform. We share constant, honest and open 2-way feedback with Murex on product development, project delivery and best practices to ensure the continued enhancement of Murex relationship and client project delivery.

In 2009, we played a key role in establishing the Murex Alliance Programme, while becoming the first UK company recognized as an approved Murex Integrator. Thanks to our ongoing investment to grow and extend the scope of our partnership, our clients can rely on us to provide the most advanced competencies, proven best practice and unrivalled expertise for any Murex trading and risk management solution.

The partnership also provides unrivalled learning and development opportunities for our staff. Alongside attending traditional MTEK training courses we run Embedment Training Programmes (ETP’s) at our offices using our in-house copies of MX.3, as well as longer term ETP’s at Murex’s offices in Paris, Dublin, Singapore and New York. We run a sophisticated global Train-The-Trainer (3T) programme with Murex across all aspects of the system. Our consultants participate in product development of the core platform and its standard market interfaces, are early adopters of new initiatives, engage in pre-release UX testing, attend roadmap sharing sessions, co-manage projects and client relationships the with software vendor and much much more!

Lifestyle at Excelian

Lifestyle at Excelian

Gitesh Parakh, Head of Excelian Murex Practice, India

Excelian is the fastest growing global Murex partner offering front to back opportunities for aspiring consultants. With increasing business and growing clientele, Excelian provides excellent growth opportunities to all who are looking to accelerate their career on Murex.

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