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Warszawa, October 5th, 6pm



LoGeek Night is a HUGE opportunity to learn and network. Experts share their knowledge with you via presentations and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere as hot pizza and cold beer are served. All you have to do is OPEN your mind. Discover new horizons and opportunities as you network with experts and IT professionals.



Znajomi Znajomych

Wilcza 58a Warszawa



October 5th, 6pm



"The concept of Big Data and Data Science have now become synonymous with each other. Data Scientists are now holding the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” And with the dawn of the Internet of Things, and the development of Cognitive computing, humanity is well on its way to approaching the ‘technological singularity’.

But what is actually happening out there? What is the value of Data Science What are Data Scientists doing? And where is this rapid growth and development of technology and scientific methodology going to take us?

Join Dr Maya Dillon as she gives an overview on state of play of Data Science and it’s applications across a variety of sectors, as well as presenting some interesting ideas on where it’s all heading.


I remember being told a joke about knowledge: CFO asks his CEO, "What happens if we invest in developing our people, and then they leave the company?”. The CEO answers, 'What happens if we don't, and they stay?”

...and this has always made me think about the high value of skilling people up on new technologies, especially as they integrate with existing ecosystems - not for the sake of it being cool, sexy or an interesting intellectual activity; as valid and fun as that all is - but for the real world positive impact that transformative technologies can have on people, companies and countries as a whole.

And this is where we are with Big Data and IoT; the ill named, and often over hyped trends, where people talk about 4 V's, 5 V's - or is it 7 V's now? However we describe it, it really boils down to the latest round of IT innovation commoditising what went before, and this cycle is ongoing.


I’d like to talk with you about how these new approaches are integrating and changing the real world.



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Orlando Cano

Orlando is a senior software engineer at Luxoft Mexico. He graduated from ITCG specializing in computer systems engineering. He has over nine years of experience as software engineer and has expertise in languages such as Java and JavaScript, knowledge of the general set of frameworks, and deep familiarity with libraries for backend and frontend such as Spring, Java EE, Angular JS, and React. He recently focused in on microservices architecture for a big company handling travel and vacation rentals.

He leads and co-hosts several developer communities in Guadalajara, Mexico such as JConf Mexico, j4Guanatos, GDL JUG, and GDL DevComms.


Łukasz Jędrychowski

Software developer and team lead with a strong academic background.

During studies at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow was involved in a couple of research projects about runtime reconfiguration of high availability computational platforms.

Experienced in working in geographically distributed teams in the Scrum Master role.

As a subject matter expert involved in all of the phases of software development lifecycle of complex systems for Equity Derivatives Pricing and Market Making solutions for one of the largest global investment banks in the world.

Filip Grzeszczak

Software Engineer in Luxoft Autonomous and Teleoperated Vehicles focused R&D team, prior to that he worked as a consultant, helping building autonomous parking solutions for BMW, some of them presented during large motorshows like IAA Frankfurt 2017.

Bartosz Kuczyński

Last 10 years I spent as developer. My career is strongly connected with finance industry. Most of clients I work with was financial companies like banks or insurance agencies. Through all those years I collect experience and knowledge about how to make good software. Today I know only that creating good software is really hard. However work in IT is an infinite source of fun and crazy cases.

Title of presentation: jUnit 5 – Holy Grail of unit tests

It will be short introduction to new version of jUnit – jUnit 5. We will take a look at the main changes in architecture of framework, Then we will discuss new way of test organization and how to migrate from jUnit4.

Konrad Malawski
Konrad Malawski is a passionate late-night hacker living by the motto "Life is Study!” and working on the Akka toolkit at Typesafe. He also participated in the Reactive Streams initiative and has implemented its Technology Compatibility Kit. Malawski has founded and run multiple user groups (ranging from the PolishJUG to functional programming and computer science reading clubs), and most notably corunning the annual GeeCON conference. His favorite discussion topics range from distributed systems to Japanese culture (and capybaras). In those rare times he's not coding he spreads the joy of computer science by speaking at international conferences or helping various user groups and white paper reading clubs.

Twitter handle: @ktospol

Presentation: How Reactive Streams and Akka Streams change the JVM ecosystem

Reactive streams are a shared effort of multiple companies (such as Netflix, Typesafe, RedHat, and Pivotal) and individuals striving to implement stream processing libraries to make the stream processing on the JVM common and back-pressured. Their recent release will fundamentally change the JVM ecosystem, providing an interop protocol between different streaming libraries such as Akka Streams and RxJava. This session looks into the core concepts of reactive streams and how “dynamic push-pull-based back pressure” works in them. Then it discusses details of the Akka Streams library and how it enables you to express arbitrarily complex stream layouts with very good readability and performance..

Paweł Łukasik

Programmer – passionate about what he’s doing. Started his adventure in development with Basic on an old school machine called Timex 2048 for which he has still some fondness.

From university times inseparable with .Net platform and C#. In spare time blogger at , trying to organize meetings in Wroclaw .Net group and entertaining himself with site.

Presentation: Visual Studio 2015 - Debugging & diagnostics

Visual Studio 2015 introduces several innovations that enable better and more efficiently debug and analyze our applications. In short we will look at what this IDE offers us is in the latest version.

Natalia Paluch

Laureate of business knowledge competition. Business Analyst at the swiss pharmaceutical company. Also, experience in building the organizational structure, creating dashboards, analyzing KPIs & UX experience. In leisure time mountain climbing, traveling & camping. In the bus - reading books.

Presentation: "Analytical thinking - what is it?"

When you are looking for a job in analysis area then often appears the requirement of "analytical thinking" or "analytical ability". But what does this mean? Do you think that "analytical thinking" means you?

Tomasz Włodarczyk

Hi, My name is Tomasz Wlodarczyk. I`ve been with the Software Development industry for 7+ years now. My professional path walked me through various roles and perspectives, fr om supporting engineering, manufacturing and logistic processes to designing banking systems. Prior to my industry tenure, I worked in academia, in a research university in USA doing my Ph.D. in Numerical Math and teaching. Professionally I combine personal creativity with desire to define work methodologies and personally I care for animal rights.

Goals and Requirements – Picture IT … How to Visualize a Project

For quite a while now, the notion of a Goal and approaches to goal setting, both in professional and personal lives, has been surfacing frequently, and in various situations. We seem to live in times, wh ere having a plan is key. In IT we, in turn, continuously speak about Requirements, and in Agile Teams about Backlogs. And in general we, perhaps, complain... about lack of time, mostly ;). In this talk, I intend to stir the reality a bit by declaring somewhat bluntly that "Project Management is dead... Long live the Project Management" and elaborate on the, somewhat controversial, saying that "managing project is about maximizing work NOT done". I will carry on the talk in the spirit of "functional decomposition" presenting a graphical perspective on the matter and employing the approach to its agenda as well.

Tomasz Dubikowski

Tomek is a Software Development Manager and runs his own training company.

He has 7 years experience working as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master and Agile Trainer. As an engineer, he is passionate about craftsmanship, propagating clean code, automated tests, behaviour driven development and domain driven design. As a leader, he helps to build an organisational culture based upon autonomy, collaboration and trust so that developers are equipped with both the hard and soft skills necessary to build truly awesome products.

Tomek loves to change the reality around him. He his highly pragmatic, challenges orthodoxy at all levels and believes that there is always room for improvement. He is always eager to discuss and share his ideas.

Anton Shalak

5 years in IT. Around 3 years Team leading experience and solution delivery. Moved from Telco to Bank domain. Previous clients: Cox Communications, Maxis, Bright House Networks, LightPath, Unitymedia and others. Specialization: QA leadership; solution delivery process improvement; QA mentoring. Background in both Waterfall & Agile working environments. Thinks there are 2 basic principles to be successful: doing right things & doing things right.

Presentation: "Information VS Knowledge - why differ?"

What is the difference between data, information and knowledge? Why differ them? How they impact everyday work and life decisions? Why should we care on sharing knowledge? - All of those will be covered

Bartosz Banach

Almost 10 years in banking industry in 5 different banks (BZWBK, EuroBank, Santander Bank, Credit Agricole, Credit Suisse). Through this time I've been working as QA, UAT coordinator, IT / Business analyst, Process architect and Change manager. Personal interests - computer OC, design, new technologies.

Presentation: "BA role in UAT process."

Let's look how UAT stays to BA work and how to use DoD (Definition of Done) in requirement definition to help us and business in achieving done-ness :-).

Yuri Nagirnyi

5 years in IT as analyst, manager and scrum master. Worked with banks and telecom industry. Experienced in analysis, development processes and methodologies, people management and psychology.

Presentation: How to hire and to be hired

Let`s talk about hiring (and firing) right people in IT company to build a happy team.

Andrii Parkhomenko

I’m a software developer with significant experience working in various areas, such as telecom, media and finance. With passion to programming, I do invest a lot of time to self-education and perfecting my skills. I am interested in object-oriented design, clean code, software testing theory and full stack of modern web 2.0 concepts and tools. Always open for the new technologies and information, I’m also willing to share my knowledge with people and to discuss interesting things.

Title: Simplifying business condition statements by pattern and integration with other patterns

Presentation description: Simplifying business condition statements by pattern and integration with other patterns Presentation description: Popular design patterns & Java 8 Design Patterns for today it is an essential element in the work of a professional programmer and software architect. This is a set of rules that allow to implement the logic of the system so that it will be understandable to all participants. The seminar is dedicated to the discussion of the most popular design patterns based on the real-world examples of the business logic implementation using Java 8 features. Attendees will have an opportunity to see how much easier it becomes to understand the logic of the system with design patterns and the new version of the Java language. In addition, those who will attend the seminar will meet an interesting approach for data validation. Such knowledge will be useful for each developer.

Łukasz Pławiak

I am Scrum Master and Scrum evangelist. I am in IT industry more than 11 years. Since 2008 I work in Scrum methodology. From 2011 I am holding Scrum Master role. I was involved in more than 40 projects. I worked for many different companies, many different customers from many different countries. Privately Actor Improviser in „Jesiotr” Theatre.

Presentation: Real problems in Scrum

Everybody wants to be agile. We know advantages of using Scrum. But have you ever consider what kind of problems or side effects this may cause for you and your Client reality? I will show you real examples of problems + solutions which I and my teams faced using this methodology in hard reality.
Wojciech Gańcza
I started my adventure with programming in the middle of 80-s when first home computers appear in Poland, but I never studied computer science in well-organized form. Theoretical physics study ended with PhD in 1997 gives me a philosophic background to my self-development as a programmer.

During 15 years I work as a programmer and gives lectures for students of computation physics. I am not knotted to any programming language – assembler, lisp, C++, fortran – it is just a way of expressing the thoughts. I believe that most important is understanding, and I`m trying to find a way how to teach it, teaching physics and programming on all levels of education – from kindergarten up to programming masters.

Presentation: Simplicity – why it’s so complicated?

I will try to explain why the simplest solutions are the most difficult, and how to deal with these types of situations

Krzysztof Kamyczek
I'm a physicist. I have 10 years of experience in software development. Still big interest in GAN's, Genetics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, ... and many others. Today, I'm a full-stack developer on future, quantum developer. Oh, maybe future is now?
Tomasz Łabuz
My name is Tomasz Łabuz and I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Luxoft. I have been working in the IT industry for about 20 years. For 10 years I have been a trainer conducting trainings in Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, and Kotlin. My hobby is cooking - I'm a mass catering technician  and photography - my favorite motif is old war cemeteries.
Bartłomiej Kuras
Entuzjasta Rusta, pracuje jako programista Rusta w firmie Luxoft Polska. Od trzech lat koncentruje się na rozwijaniu Rusta i jest współorganizatorem grupy Rust Wrocław. Większość jego doświadczenia pochodzi z programowania systemowego/C++, jednak zawsze chętnie uczy się nowych rzeczy.
David Santana
David Santana is a software engineer who has experienced the ups and downs of software projects for more than 15 years in several locations across Europe as well as South and North America. His passion for software started in 2000 when he studied programming as part of getting his bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Through his use of software, he combines creativity and art through computing. David has also studied computer science, software engineering, and management. He has worked in various companies ranging from startups to big corporations such as Luxoft, Oracle, Sun, IBM, Allianz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Credit Suisse, among others.

David loves meeting new people, relaxing in the sun on the beach with the ocean roaring in the background, dancing Salsa/Latin rhythms, playing soccer, and most importantly sharing knowledge across cultures via conferences, lectures, classes, and meetups where he can discover and validate new ideas and compare reality with theory, all the while learning from the experts he meets.
René Louis
René Louis started his career in finance and in the banking industry back in 2004 and worked in various positions related to account management, credit administration or management support for about 10 years. In 2015 he joined UNAFORTIS (currently the part of Luxoft – Excelian Financial Services). In his role as Manager René is in charge of Excelian’s contribution to the success of client’s projects. His expertise combines fields of Retail Banking and HCM systems for financial institutions and real inspiration comes to him from seeing the positive impact of Excelian solutions. In his free time René enjoys hot air ballooning.
Hassan Suffyan
Hassan is the Head of Wealth Practice (UK) for Luxoft and is based in London. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic & Finance and specializes in managing large teams to deliver complex projects. During the last 10 years Hassan has delivered new Risk Models, Regulated Advice Processes, re-design of Target Operating Models and most recently the end-to-end overhaul of Investment Management Technology, value-chain and processes at a major British Private Banks. Additionally, Hassan is an expert in the field of process engineering through automation and complexity reduction to deliver scalability, increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.
Oleksii Bodryi
11 years in IT. Around 5 years Team leading experience and solution delivery. Returned from E-commerce to Bank domain 3 years ago. Previous clients: USA Health Care, Kazakhstan Government, Canadian Tires, UBS, Nordea,Credit Suisse. Specialization: Java EE (Websphere), Java Core, Big Data (Hadoop), Scala. Have experience in Waterfall and Agile methodologies. I guess following correct approaches under any circumstances is a key to sucess.
Presentation: " Way of IT tests for Spark and Hive env?"
Existing approaches for testing Spark jobs and demonstating the best one will be covered.
Andrii Cherednychenko
I’m doing project management from 2007, started from Telecommunication and switched to IT later in 2011. Over the last 6 years I was performing scrum master, project/program manager, sales (RFQ, RFP, Contact) and delivery manager duties. Managed Fixed price, Manage Service, TM (Scrum, Kanban) and Managed Capacity projects in Telecommunication, Health care, Investment banking domains. I’m proud to be a holder of world-known PMP, PSM and CFA certifications. Area of interests is: risk management, continuous process improvements, financial forecasting and people development.

Software engineer with over 14 years of experience, lately focusing on large enterprise systems and world wide services, based on Platform As Services and Software As Services cloud computation.

Effective Java Programming

The main quality marker of implemented code should be Big O time and space complexity. We will talk about Java effective programming based on problems of real projects.


A Test Engineer with over 5 years of experience in testing requirements and solutions: manually, using automation tools and performance monitors. He`s trying to keep focus, not to overlook details and be precise.

Application Performance. My “perfect rocket” is too slow to reach out...

Description: Your team can create “perfect rocket” using fastest frameworks and data bases but finally client can not reach out his or her dream and visit the Moon … at least.

Lets talk about tactics and techniques to gather and measure performance of your application.


Nine years ago Denys started his path in IT as a manual tester. Nowadays, he is Software Development Engineer in Test, and he use his programming skills to solve complex testing problems.

Denys is highly passionate about clean code concept, test automation and behavior driven development. He encouraging his colleagues to use TDD, actively participate in “Coding Dojo” workshops and focus on continuously improve practical coding skills.

Title: TDD? True dat dawg

Presentation description: Real life examples of how much testing effort could TDD save, and why developers should care about making testers life easier.
Andrzej Tokarski

Experienced team leader, perl developer, mysql magician, scrum devotee, mountain climber, Ironman triathlonist, marathon runner, fitness instructor, world enthusiast.

More info about presentation - Title: Feedback Culture 

It's extremely easy to give an opinion about someone. It's extremely difficult to give an opinion which is going to make a difference. It's even more challenging to take it, accept and turn into action. Well constructed, thought-through, intelligent and swift feedback is an oxygen for everyday communication within engineering teams. It builds trust, respect and creates spirit of openness and stimulates creativity. Let's talk through some common feedback cases, have a laugh or two and learn together how to speak to each other.

Michał Bryłka

With .NET for almost entire career. 12 years in IT with specialties ranging from cryptography to compiler design to multithreading. Huge supporter of proper system design and unit tests. Huge adversary of SharePoint and SAP ;-)

Presentation – "Voyage on a low level"

Nowadays many people take things for granted. High level solutions like ASP.Net MVC allow user to generate whole application with couple hundreds lines of code instead of couple thousands. Even though it pays off to know some basic low level structures and delve deeply into CLR to unleash power your .NET has under its bonnet. Presentation named "Voyage on a low level" will take you on the fast journey to .NET low level structures like MSIL or CodeDOM, but since it's 2015, we will talk a little bit about Roslyn

Fabrice Aresu
Fabrice Aresu - for the past 15 years, Fabrice has been working in the software industry, with a specific focus on Finance and Risk. He held various positions, from Consultant to Product Manager, at firms like Thomson Reuters, Oracle and now Luxoft. Fabrice is an advocate of innovation through open source technologies, which he promoted in various areas of the banking industry, including Front-Office, Risk and Reporting.
He is currently focused on Advanced Visualization technologies, in the challenging context of big data and the increasing demand for visibility and mobility from banks’ senior executives.
Reuven Gorsht
As Global Vice President of Customer Strategy at SAP, Reuven is responsible for the creation and execution of the company’s Go-to-Market strategy.  Combining 17 years of experience in strategy, human potential, and technology, he helps organizations seek new approaches to working at times of uncertainty.  

He has published over 50 articles about change, organizational culture, innovation, and new organizational models.   His work has been featured in publications like Forbes and BusinessWeek.  
Anna Lankauf
Psychology graduate. She has been designing useful eCommerce solutions at Divante for nearly 2 years. Anna worked for customers like Plus GSM, or She strongly believes in and promotes Lean User Experience approach. During designing process she focuses on what users actually do, and not on what they claim they do.
Filip Wójcik
Senior .NET developer, university lecturer (statistical data analysis). Fascinated with machine learning algorithms for 5 years. Worked on price modelling systems on travelling market for 2 years, currently developing banking software. Enthusiast of (widely understood) artificial intelligence, along with related Python and R technologies. After work – Aikido master and self-defense instructor.
Rafał Łojek
I have been playing with computer programming since my first Atari 800XL. Till now I have been: studying IT, fiddling with academic research, working as a Java programmer, going through the adventure of being a trainer and a scrum master. The opportunity to teach others , both at University and as company trainer changes the way I perceive programming, software engineering and everyday programmers’ practices. Now I try to show my colleagues that being a good developer is awesome, but being a good developer with a set of excellent habits it is just brilliant! That is why I focus my attention on topics like: TDD, ATDD, design patters and common sense.
Miłosz Moczkowski
Android Developer at Luxoft during day, turns to Indie Game Developer after hours. Graduated from Warsaw's PJIIT, wrote a Game Engine Architecture as his bachelor’s thesis. Created many gamedev related software. Has a Doom 3 source code printed on his wall.
Bartosz Czerwiński
Bartosz is a computer professional focused on software engineering with a solid background in IT industry. He gained his experience by being involved in multiple, both commercial and research projects in various roles, including systems administrator, software engineer, IT consultant and a team leader. Bartosz's research interests focus on, in particular, component-oriented software engineering, continuous automation, virtualization, and agile software craftsmanship. He had pleasure to speak at conferences such as 33rd Degree, Eclipse Day, and Eclipse Demo Camps.
Szymon Niemczura
Szymon co-founded and holds the position of CEO of As a strong advocate of the Internet of Things idea, he runs the company to be among leaders of the upcoming connected future. He graduated in Business Management & Financial Management from National Louis University. When it comes to business, Szymon always looks for new challenges that bring a fundamental improvement in their space. He has been working on a variety of cutting-edge projects since 2009. Using that experience, he shares his passion for IoT and beacon technology during many conferences and workshops around the world including Mobile Tech Marketing in Munich, NSConference 6 in Leicester, and Mobile Central Europe in Warsaw. His specialities include proximity, mobile marketing and Software as a Service. After work Szymon is a passionate gilder pilot.
Ewelina Jurczak
Ewelina Jurczak, Ph.D. 12 years experience in marketing and PR, incl. 8 years in IT sector. Gamification Mechanics - 2 years experience.
Łukasz Dragosz
Process optimization maniac. Enthusiast of GTD/Scrum methodologies and win-win relations who loves to manage projects with user friendly software and pro-bono effects. He prefers realistic scheduling to being fireman. Project manager with 7 years of experience. He’s been working with clients such as Sabre Holdings, COMARCH, PZU, Żywiec Zdrój, Orange, Virgin Mobile, but he also likes to work with smaller companies using strategy, UX and SEM skills. Finally in Driim Interactive – wing of S4 advertising agency. Head of AdAstra (freelance group), e-marketing trainer and event organizer.
Piotr Chlebda
I am a final year student at Jagiellonian University pursuing a degree in computer science. I have been working with Java for 2 years and recently I have been fascinated by front-end frameworks (Bootstrap & AngulaJS). I like to discover new languages, technologies. I put more trust in people than in processes and tools. Instead of blindly solving problems I prefer to ask if we’re solving the right problem.  As for my life outside work and university, you will most likely find me jogging, swimming or exercising at the gym.
Krzysztof Kabat
I started my career as a C++ developer. Then I fell in love with Java for about 3 years. Currently however, I am trying to balance between Java and JavaScript. In weekends I study “Game Production” at the Jagiellonian University. Most of my free time I spend either on playing games or writing them. Mostly I play board games, trying to understand and recreate them in my virtual games. I do not have any global titles ready for market yet, mostly because when I try one idea and it feels OK I then feel this strong tension to try another idea continuing to perfect my original concept. I’m very active on many game jams, ludum dares contests or hackathons, my last success was 2’nd place at this year’s Epam Hackathon in Cracow. I won GGJ in Warsaw in 2011. Currently I'm collecting my patience and skills to go for something big in the near future.
Jakub Białek
I have been working as a Java developer for over 2 years. I am currently working with Luxoft. I have been keen on programing ever since I can remember. I started from playing games as a child and in the end of primary school I started to learn writing algorithms in C/C++. When I got to university, Java time started for me. In the last few months I started to discover that it is impossible to write whole applications without using some front-end Technologies. At the time I had to adjust. Besides work I train MMA, climbing and I try to stay fit.
Yuriy Chulovskyy

Yuriy Chulovskyy is Java developer from Ukraine with experience in web analytic domain. Likes mentoring and trying new languages/frameworks. At the same time he believes that most of the issues are not in technical but in environmental and social areas.

Presentation: Why don’t we test ?

Piotr Konieczny

Piotr Konieczny for 7 years helping the largest Polish and foreign companies in securing the network and Internet services. A graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University. He began working in IT industry at the branch of Philips Electronics in Great Britain. Founder of, the consulting and advisory company testing safety of IT projects.

Presentation: Hacking and penetration test

Dariusz Dziuk

Dariusz Dziuk is software craftsman. Constantly in move between Cracow and Stockholm, where he works as a developer at Spotify. Before that he was involved in creating software in various roles - as a developer, project and product manager as well as UX designer. He has created the original version of online shop - the hottest Polish startup in fashion industry.

Presentation: How Spotify builds products
Piotr Grabski-Gradziński

Piotr Grabski-Gradziński is responsible for managing a team of outstanding developers, coordinating the works on network and server infrastructure and project implementation and maintenance. He supports design works at a number of stages, proposing solutions and technologies appropriate for the selected solution and ensuring high quality of the software produced. He is experienced web developer and lecturer who specialize in PHP.

Presentation: Agile w pracy agencyjnej – z dwóch perspektyw, programisty i project managera

Michał Komiszke

Michal Komiszke born in the year of Los Angeles XXIII Summer Olympics and "The Terminator" premiere. Fussy as a baby, inquisitive as a kid, now focused and precise. Have friends in spite of that. Six years of experience in project management - still do not want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire. Carried out projects for Unilever, NIVEA, IKEA, Drogerie Markt, Colgate-Palmolive, Canson, Vision Express, and many other companies. Loves agile, fanboy of Redmine and Kanban tools, intrested in visual management.

Presentation: Agile w pracy agencyjnej – z dwóch perspektyw, programisty i project managera

Marek Tryliński

Marek Tryliński is an Agile Software Gardener. For past 5 years he worked as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Trainer and Project Manager. During this time he worked with over 30 Scrum teams.His mission is to transfer his knowledge to more and more people, to help them change their companies, and remove "corporate concrete". It gives him a lot of fun. His motto is "fail better, dig deeper". Currently he's working as a Scrum Master at Grupa Allegro.

Tomasz Olszewski

Tomek Olszewski - Working as test engineer since 2010. Huge fun of Agile, exploratory testing, risk based testing and close cooperation with developers during whole software development life cycle. Privately long distance runner, Tropiciel (Pathfinder), mountain hiker and huge Star Wars fan who is focused to fulfil his dreams.

Presentation: Exploratory testing

Paweł Szulc

Paweł Szulc for the past few years has been working as Java consultant for several companies in Wroclaw and Warsaw. He even ran his very own business for a couple of years.

His interests and research are focused on architecture and design, especially when those emerge from applying practices like TDD or SOLID. He is a big fan of the whole “clean code” extravaganza, as well as true believer of Craftsmanship Manifesto. Recently he discovered this new-old language called Javascript. He is fascinated with its functional nature and all the advantages it gives in a web and mobile development.

Paweł is both luckiest husband on Earth and a proud father of two wonderful kids.

Presentation: Getting Familiar with AngularJS

Katarzyna Mrowca

Kasia is an IT, management & statistics passionate. She has experience in show-business or more precisely in producing software for broadcasting media ;)

For Kasia sky is the limit, so she moved to the clouds… and aviation business. Currently she works for a factory which produces billions lines of code which magically turns into working software (or at least far-far-galaxy-existing-clients don’t complain).

Her career history could be named as ‘complicated’ – she started from GPGPU programming during the studies, network administrator as a first job, and then finally as an IT analyst/product owner. And this not the end! She is a PhD student, member of the Polish IT Association (PTI) and active member of Krakow’s tech community.

Presentation: Koncert życzeń + niekończące się zmiany w koncepcji => katastrofa? Jak to poskromić?!

Łukasz Miłkowski

Łukasz Miłkowski has been developing web-driven applications for years. During his career path from a freelancer and intern up to IT Director, he gain a deep insight on development process for various business and technology solutions.

He likes r&d most and for a years he was able to work on NUI with Kinect, Pixelsense, Production processes integration (Continuous Delivery) and distributed services. Lately, he is about to finish 'Animation and 3D modeling' on UJ's Game Studies, and about to start PhD on Behavioral Data Segmentation.

Currently working in Cracow's Luxoft at full-stack development of Mezzobit's - Trusted Data Interchange project.

Presentation: New trends in web development – there is not only PHP and Java.

Mateusz Kowalczyk

Mateuszis a founder and co-creative idea of Krakow Pigeon studies, dealing with the broader animation. He is probably the only CEO in the world who understands the pigeon's point of view. His company has an extensive portfolio of over 100 animations, film title sequences, and promotional videos. His studies in media management and film production facilitate his daily work with an international clientele. At the moment, Pigeon is granted to the project as a producer of educational animated series for Saudi Arabia.

After-hours, Mateusz is an avid collector of archival film posters.

Presentation:Computer Animation - between the product and the creation

Magda Scrobota

Magda Scrobota describes herself as an enthusiastic young professional ready to embrace challenging opportunities in the her career. Currently working as Project Manager for a market leader company in IT, she is mixing her engineering skills with soft skills to provide quality and performance in every activity, and why not, a smile on the face of stakeholders at the end of the day.

With an extensive international experience gained through 2 international masters, one in IT and another in Organizations & Leadership, she goes beyond the work duties and follows her genuine interest in discovering the business mechanisms which make a company great not only for the market, but also for the employees.

Her research expands topics such as sustainability, employees’ engagement and motivation, types of leadership, education patterns supporting sustainability, social innovation incubators. And because she wants to discover the insights of cultures, her new paper selected for the “Education, Culture and Society – 2014- Conference” is exploring Polish society and its relationship to sustainable development

Presentation: Speak Sustainability - the new universal language

Marta Firlej

Marta Firlej - Quality Engineer in Agile team at Objectivity. Involved in quality assurance since 2006. During her work she is focused on the product, the process and a good team spirit. Quality assurance with particular emphasis on usability tests and tools to support the process is her specialty. A fan of traveling, cycling and personal development.

Presentation: Testing process in a nutshell

Piotr Płonka

Piotr Plonka is an IT development team leader in an investment bank, java passionate, clean coder and a life lover.

After hours he's a founder and a lead developer of - a startup which has recently obtained 1 million PLN funding and has a growing user base of 170 000 students in Poland, Turkey and India. Interested in User Experience design, websites monetisation, travelling, fast prototyping and talking to people.

Presentation: How to launch a startup 5pm to 9am

Marcin Jaśkiewicz

Marcin Jaśkiewicz is CEO in ISTV Media - company specializes in software for the platform and video campaigns on the Internet. He is responsible for business development and marketing campaigns. Marcin created Barcamp KrakSpot and one of the first regular programs online -

Presentation: How to become a YouTube star and what's video marketing?

Tomasz Palus

Tomasz Palus - educated and passionate programmer. He is working as a senior developer at Luxoft on java based business solutions.

He has been studying Computer Science at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and Management at the University of Economics in Kraków. During studies he has taken an internship at CERN and Westinghouse Electric Company. In his professional life he is constantly improving his technical skills. He has become an Oracle Cerfied Professional Java SE 6 Programmer in April 2014. He believes that connecting both technical and soft skills is the key to be a successful developer. He is interested in psychology and enjoys swimming and reading science-fiction books in his free time


Ocpjp - Czy Potrzebny Jest Papier?

czyli certyfikat OCPJP w pigułce

Sebastian Malaca

Sebastian is an experienced and dedicated software engineer specializing in object-oriented design and programming, software architecture, code quality and agile. His interests include testing, programming, software engineering and agile software craftsmanship. He's also a speaker (JDD, Confitura, GeeCon), writer and contributor to several blogs (DZone, JavaCodeGeeks) about Software Development and Agile Software Craftsmanship.

Presentation: You don’t need unit tests!

How often did you hear developers who were proving quality of their application’s code by sharing information about really high coverage and a huge number of unit tests? How often did you hear how unit tests can make your life easier. How having unit tests makes it possible to introduce changes and make  refactoring safier? Do you believe in it? What’s your experience? I will show you why all of those “proofs” are invalid and wrong. I will show you the false impression of feeling safe in those dangerous places where your code is covered only with tones of unit tests.

But it won’t be all. I won’t leave you alone in this place. I will tell you what you can do to make things better.  I will show you the difference between coverage and quality. Between unit tests and safety.

Mateusz Zajac
"Loose coupling in the cloud from front-end to back-end"

"The speech will be about communication methods in software architecture and why loose coupling makes more sense in infinite cloud environment. You will also hear about migrating from legacy applications to SOA with use of AWS services such as lambda, sqs, sns and hints how to play your cards right when working with the cloud. Exciting theory and practical solutions in one."
Ajay Singhal
BIG DATA & its revolution in industries

Abstract : How usage Big DATA is transforming the industries and their way of looking at data. Big Data is a term coined to describe data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing solutions are inadequate & fail to capture, store, analyze, cure, search, share, transfer, visualize, query , process & handle this data.The blend of unprecedented exponential data growth with rapid development of new technologies capable of storing and processing this information is transforming the way enterprises run their businesses
Katarzyna Ciesek
An HR Business Partner at Luxoft and a soft skills trainer. Inspired by people and passionate about climbing, she’s all about growing and going outside of her comfort zone.
Presentation: "State of mind refactoring – workshop session"


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