Exclusive Trainings

with Luxoft


September 22nd


Silver Tower; Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3; 13 floor

What Exclusive Trainings is?

This is great chance to learn and network during exclusive expert presentations where they will share their knowledge with you. Exclusive formula and lunch for participants! After trainings session all attenders will received certificates and gifts!

Bartek Kuczyński
Andrey Gordienkov

Andrey Gordienkov was the .NET Evangelist at NPTV where he validates the framework's public API, and create docs for an early adopters. But now still act as .NET technology advocate. He is also an IT trainer at the Luxoft Training Center and co. He is fond of Aspect Oriented Programming and simplifying codebase. Most of experience related to enterprise app, dealing with massive data and distribution (Luxoft, Intel, TripTogether, TaxCom). Andrey used to actively took part in/organize local conferences in Moscow and shares ideas in his personal blog.

Title of presentation: Architecture Validation at Compile-time

Within development process we have a lot of tools that helps us to create semantically correct code. IDE, Compiler and ReSharper are the main allies that helps us on that way. You can go further and use FxCop and Code Contracts to provide more rules for your code, how it should be written, but they are also check code on the very low level. How to check that guidelines and overall architecture, that no one violate team's rules from the design level of view?

Design information stores in our minds and only manual work like code review or pair programming can detect design errors. If you are careful reviewer.

Aspect Oriented Programming can help you and validate formal design rules against your code automatically.

Don’t let the intention of your architecture fade in a forgotten document. Express design decisions in executable code and ensure that these patterns are followed with compile-time feedback. Sometimes internal and private keywords are not enough. Restrict which namespace, assembly or type can reference a member or implement an interface. I'm going to show during training how it can be implemented, tested and debugged.

  • 2+ years of enterprise development, knowledge of Design Patterns, general knowledge of AOP

  • Laptop with Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015

5:30 pm
Lunch for everyone
6:00 pm
Start of training session
7:00 pm
Coffee break
8:30 pm
End of training session, gifts and certificates for participants
September 22nd

Count of registrations: 14 / 25

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