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February 15th, 19:00 CET
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Deep Learning for Automotive - Challenges and Approaches

Deep Learning (DL) and AI pave the way for self-driving cars and vehicles. AI is shaping automotive design and manufacturing as well as how we drive. In this webinar, we will describe different automotive uses cases for Deep Learning, in particular in the domain of Computer Vision. After introducing the basics of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), we will try so shed some light on the various challenges and how DL can be used to solve them.

About speakers:

Christian Merkwirth

Christian Merkwirth is a Machine Learning Architect and Backend Engineer with Luxoft working for NAUTO. Prior to this, he worked on various projects in Google, including the Google Accelerated Science (GAS) team. Christian’s interest in Statistics, Machine Learning, and Dynamical Systems began 20 years ago when working on his PhD in Nonlinear Physics. His expertise combines various fields of advanced numerical methods, including Statistical Learning, Time Series Forecasting and High Performance Computing. Putting those approaches into practical use is a main motivation for Christian. Christian spends his spare time with family, and if possible, on bicycle around Krakow or diving in the Red Sea.