AUTOnomous Tech Talk

October 17th
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The future of Automotive and Mobility is straight ahead. Join our Luxoft Open AUTOnomus Tech Talk to get to know about the latest technological innovations in autonomous driving where Luxoft is at the forefront together with the biggest OEMs in Germany. You will have the opportunity to meet key employees from Luxoft’s Autonomous Drive division who are driving our vision of the future of Mobility forward. Our speakers will discuss topics related to Autonomous Driving and the overall change in the hardware/software platform landscape, which may just lead to a mobility revolution.


Thursday, October 17th , 2019 – 6 pm


Luxoft GmbH
Ruppertswies 7+9
85092 Kösching


18:00 – Bus departure to Luxoft offices from Bahnhofstraße 1C, 85051 Ingolstadt

18:40-18:55 – Opening Speech | Luxoft Overview
by Jitka Steinmetz – Managing Director

19:00-19:45 – Overview - Luxoft Automotive & Autonomous Drive
by Robert Hoffmann – Senior Director

19:50-20:10 – Robotic Drive for Autonomous Driving
by Jochen Thäder - CTO for Autonomous Driving or Dirk Triltsch - Analytics Advisor

20:15-21:00 –How to Drive an Autonomous Car in the Real World: From Sensors to Trajectories
by Victor Manuel Gonzalez Moreno - Senior IT Consultant in Germany

21:05-21:20 – Luxoft Experience

21:25 - Networking event with some drinks and finger food


Jitka SteinmetzJitka Steinmetz

Based in Munich, Jitka has been Luxoft Germany Managing Director since March 2019. Jitka joined Luxoft after serving 8 years at McKinsey & Company, as a Central Europe Director of Operations at the latest. She graduated in Computer Science, Linguistics and Psychology at the TU Berlin and her original background is a founder and CEO of worldwide leading professional service company. At Luxoft, Jitka is responsible for all local operations of Luxoft in Germany.

Robert HoffmannRobert Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann is a Senior Director at Luxoft specializing in the field of autonomous driving. He joined Luxoft following the acquisition of Objective Software GmbH in 2018, where he was co-CEO. He has worked in numerous industries including automotive, telecommunication, IT products, and renewable energy. He has a strong technical background in HW/SW engineering as well as deep management knowledge thanks to his experience leading international projects both in Europe and in Asia.

Victor MorenoVictor Moreno

Victor Moreno has spent the past 2 years working on ADAS in his current role of Software Engineer in the Driving Functions CoC, where he regularly tackles the challenges posed by the advancing technologies that enable autonomous driving. Powered by his love for solving problems, he spent 9 years in several fields of mathematics. This culminated in his PhD in Pure Mathematics from the Royal Holloway University of London.


  • Transport from Ingolstadt main station to the office and back.
  • An opportunity to meet people with the same passion as you have, to listen & talk about the newest technologies
  • A great atmosphere and special prizes
  • A chance to learn more about Luxoft and our career opportunities inside our offices
  • Networking space together with some drinks and finger food.


Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company, (NYSE: DXC), is a digital strategy and software engineering firm providing bespoke technology solutions that drive business change for customers the world over. Luxoft uses technology to enable business transformation, enhance customer experiences, and boost operational efficiency through its strategy, consulting, and engineering services.

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