Strategy Consulting: 9 Things Top Consultants
Must Know

The strategy consulting industry is rapidly growing, with a projected value of USD 101.75 billion by 2027. Businesses need strategy consultants now more than ever to sustain productivity and prevent high losses.


Strategy consulting has therefore become an attractive field for fresh graduates who want to be instrumental to an organization’s success. They will identify challenges, as well as develop and implement strategies for better outcomes.


The consulting industry is broad. It's no surprise people often confuse strategy consulting with management consulting. However, there are key differences regarding the job responsibilities, nature of work, and level of organizational influence.


If you're looking to establish a career path as a strategy consultant, it's best to understand this role, its differences from management consulting, and how you can get started. Read on.


1. What Is Strategy Consulting?


Strategy consulting, also called boardroom or strategic consultancy, is when private organizations hire third-party consultants. These strategy consultants support clients by offering fresh and professional perspectives on specific business challenges.


Strategy consultants are well versed in the industry. Because of this, businesspeople like executives or board members expect strategy consultants to provide objective assessments of high-level business issues.


Strategy consultants work by examining organizational-wide problems holistically. They work across industries on wide-ranging issues, even for private and public sectors.


For instance, clients may hire software IT consulting firms to complete IT projects. These projects are often risky and tend to fail, especially without the presence of a knowledgeable and professional team managing them.


Businesses will need the support of software or IT consultants to implement, complete, or improve IT software or infrastructure.


2. Why Do Businesses Need Strategy Consultants?


Businesses need strategy consultants because they offer professional and unbiased expertise on a particular problem. They make decisions vital for the organization's future by ensuring they consider all angles of a problem.


Strategy consultants are invaluable because they help free up time for executives to run the company. Strategy consultants can also offer perspectives on a particular industry or subject, like company restructuring or market positioning.


For example, IT strategy consultants will be brought in to conduct tests and assessments on current business hardware. They will communicate their findings to the executives and train the entire business staff to use new IT tools.


Other strategy consultants may provide invaluable advice regarding financial goals, improving productivity and customer service, and lowering costs.


3. Strategy Consulting Vs Management Consulting


Strategy consulting is performed at the executive level. Consultants will showcase their strategic plans to CEOs or boards of directors who will make long-term decisions for the company.


Meanwhile, management consulting is done at a managerial level. It involves providing expert advice to improve the business's overall performance.


Another crucial difference is that strategy consulting adopts a more problem-solving approach. Consultants directly identify their client's needs and satisfy them accordingly.


Whereas organizations and big businesses hire strategy consulting firms, SMEs or companies of various sizes hire management consultants.


Strategic consultants can help answer questions regarding their clients' market share or if they want to collude with their competitors. Meanwhile, management consulting is often concerned with cutting costs or restructuring departments.


4. Types of Strategy Consulting


Strategy consulting services can be divided into the following types:


  • Corporate Strategy - This refers to a long-term plan or framework designed to help businesses gain a competitive market edge while simultaneously providing customer value and delivering stakeholder promises.
  • Economic Policy - Strategy consultants, may also work to refine the public sector's economic policy. They cover issues such as budget, spending, monetary policy, taxation, etc.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Organizations may hire a strategic mergers and acquisitions consultant to assist in managing financial acquisitions. The objective is to reduce risk and boost fiscal performance.
  • Functional Strategy - Functional strategic consultants provide expertise in maximizing resources to support a business's functional strategies.
  • Digital Strategy - A digital strategy consultant advises organizations on using digital technologies to improve performance or digitally transform their business models.


5. Strategy Consultant Job Description


Strategy consultants provide high level advice to businesses. They assess the organization's market positioning through data gathering, research, and other relevant methodologies. Strategy consultants must transform their findings into actionable and implementable plans for client success.


6. Strategy Consultant Salary


A strategy consultant in Singapore earns a monthly salary of SGD 6,300 or SGD 75,600* annually.


In the US, the entry-level salary for a strategy consultant is much higher, earning an average base pay of USD 83,500* annually from consulting firms.


Strategy consultancy pays are highly competitive because of their significant role in many businesses. Consulting firms help address complicated problems that may be preventing growth.


Additionally, high-level executives like CEOs, CFOs, boardroom members, and other officials put their entire trust in consulting firms. Consultants are trusted to provide actionable insights and cultivate professional working relationships with their clients.


The salary of a strategy consultant differs based on type. For instance, a digital strategy consultant will earn a salary different from that of a human resources consultant.


If you're keen on a career in a consulting firm, you must develop tailor-fit skills aligning with the field of your choice. Expect that some consulting firms will pay higher or lower, depending on the field.


Below are the different types of consultants and how much you can earn annually in these roles.


Information Technology Consultants


Information technology consultants offer technology implementation and other digital solutions to businesses. The average salary for an IT consultant will typically fall between USD 75,000 and USD 180,000*.


Risk Consultants


Risk consultants identify potential risks for an organization and subsequently come up with business strategies to mitigate such risks. Risks can stem from failed investments or non-compliance.


A risk strategy consultant can expect an average base pay of USD 91,000 from mid-tier firms and may earn up to USD 150,000*.


7. Strategy Consultant Job Responsibilities


The roles and responsibilities of a strategy consultant vary, depending on their field of expertise and industry niche. However, they are generally expected to perform the following roles and responsibilities:


  • Assist companies in defining their objectives, goals, and strategies.
  • Perform market research and study trends.
  • Develop customized strategies based on existing reports and data.
  • Evaluate industry competitors' best practices.
  • Create strategies to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and foster organizational growth.
  • Provide budgeting advice to cut costs and boost revenue.
  • Manage business workflows
  • Provide commercial strategies in sales and marketing, customer channel, draft pricing, etc.
  • Support legal strategic activities in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Provide strategic advice on talent management business cases
  • Come up with operating models that align with higher level business objectives.
  • For digital and IT strategy consultants:
  • Coordinate with staff and executives regarding new hardware.
  • Determine IT requirements and potential strategies.
  • Identify areas of improvement.
  • Facilitate digital transformation.
  • Invest in IT implementation and training.


8. Strategy Consultant Educational Requirements


Aspiring consultants usually hold degrees in business administration, business analytics, business management, economics, finance, IT, etc. You will need to attain a bachelor's degree from a reputable university if you want to succeed as a strategy consultant.


If you don't have a business-related degree, you can still follow a strategy consultant career path by taking up a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA).


MBA graduates are equipped with people-managing, process-building, and strong analytical skills. Advanced MBA programs focus on business subjects in management, finance, and organizational behavior.


9. Skills and Qualities Needed To Become A Strategy Consultant


To win big as an elite strategy consultant, you must possess a deep understanding of your field or industry. But beyond that, you must be able to communicate that knowledge at an executive level. You must also apply the knowledge to form strategies and resolve problems.


Here are the skills required to become a top strategy consultant:


  • Time management skills
  • Excellent communication and listening skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Project management skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Structured writing skills
  • Able to work with clients to develop tailor-fit strategy frameworks
  • Adaptability to a dynamic environment
  • Can critically examine processes and workflows to provide solutions
  • Can facilitate conversations among business executives
  • Can apply technical concepts and translate them into practical application
  • Can optimize processes
  • Can comfortably work closely with a team
  • Can understand management frameworks in-depth


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Frequently Asked Questions About Strategy Consulting


Is Strategy Consulting A Good Career?


Yes. Strategy consulting is an in-demand career choice, with some of the most difficult recruitment processes in the corporate industry. You can become a strategy consultant with the right qualifications, educational attainment, soft skills, and personality traits.


What Does A Strategy Consultant Do Daily?


A strategy consultant will devote much of their time holding meetings, researching the organization and its competitors, gathering data, analyzing systems, and pitching to the clients.


Is Consulting A High-Paying Job?


Yes. Consulting firms typically pay generous salaries to high-performing employees. You can secure a consultancy job with the right qualifications, experience, skills, educational background, etc.


What Are The Highest Paying Consultancy Jobs?


Below is a list of the highest-paying consultancy jobs in the corporate world:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Systems Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Security Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Software Consultant
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Investment Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant


*Note: The salary figures indicated in this article were collated from multiple job portals and salary comparison platforms such as Glassdoor,, Indeed, AmbitionBox, PayScale, Salary Expert, and Salary Explorer.