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About The Luxoft Relocation Program

With the world slowly transitioning away from a global health pandemic, economies and borders have reopened. Many companies are resuming operations globally. Professionals on LinkedIn have become more open about sharing their new work experiences.


Some professionals enjoy the perks of going on work trips or workcations. While others get the opportunity to be part of a relocation program.


But what is job relocation, and how does it work? Why do many tech professionals aspire to work abroad to take on long-term projects?



The Perks Of Relocating For Work


Being offered the chance to work in a different country can be both exciting and challenging.


On the one hand, you're excited about the new culture, new experiences, and new job. There's so much to be grateful for. The chance to work in another country is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You'll be missing out if you turn it down.


But there's also a lingering sense of unfamiliarity. Accepting a relocation offer means temporarily saying goodbye to the things you've known your whole life.


We understand your qualms about moving into uncharted territory for a job. It's not an easy decision to make, and so many moving parts will understandably confuse you.


So, allow us to ease your worries. Relocation with Luxoft puts tech professionals at the heart. The relocation process isn't as scary as it seems.


Relocating for work doesn't mean changing your citizenship and taking on a whole new identity altogether.


Instead, you reap the benefits of a salaried professional living in a foreign land while working for a contracted period.


There are so many benefits to relocating for work. You'll gain new exposure and take on opportunities to elevate your professional career.


A Clear Career Path

Luxoft’s relocation program always offers you a clear idea of how you want to progress with a company.


For instance, a job relocation is worth considering if you want a more senior Java developer position requiring you to move to a Singapore office while eyeing other high-level managerial positions.


You can take advantage of your new surroundings. Learn as much as possible while on the job and network with like-minded tech talents the higher up your career ladder you go.


You Have A Dream Job

Maybe you've always dreamed of working abroad. Perhaps you've been offered a dream job which you know will be worth the relocation.


So, suppose you're offered an IT job or other tech-related position in Singapore or Malaysia, and you've always wanted to work or retire in either of these places. In that case, this is the time to consider a relocation.


New Adventures

Sometimes, your professional career needs a dash of adventure. Whether you're unencumbered by other responsibilities, or you have a budding family in tow, an international assignment might be just the thing you need.


New Country, New Culture

Moving to a new country is your ticket to new cultures and perspectives. It's essential to keep an open mind, as it allows you to experience the new location fully.


Who knows? Relocating for work could be a chance to entangle yourself with a different culture, add a new language to your repertoire, or view the world through a different lens.


Higher Salary

The compensation package is probably one of the first things on your mind if you want to relocate for a job. A fulfilling career can't just be about making ends meet.


Having extra to spend on leisure activities is also vital. Choosing to relocate for a job can be a stepping stone for you to live comfortably while prioritizing your professional life.


Luxoft offers competitive salary packages, as most of our IT job openings abroad are in high demand.


We will provide competitive compensation and benefits packages to help you adjust to the higher cost of living in another location.


Bring Your Family With You

One of the biggest worries about a job relocation process is whether you can bring your family.


With the Luxoft team, the answer is a resounding yes. Our relocation offer also extends to immediate family members of our employees who wish to work abroad.


It's the perfect opportunity to spend time with one another and be part of family milestones while advancing your career in the process.


Work Remotely

Remote work arrangements have become increasingly popular in the last few years.


Demands for remote arrangements were initially made in response to growing health concerns. Employees wanted job stability without having to compromise performance and health.


Now, remote work options are a must for many employees. According to a survey by Slack, 72% of employees across six countries preferred a hybrid remote work model, with only 12% choosing to constantly work on-site.


Luxoft understands this need. Aside from relocating employees, we also provide work-from-home setups in your chosen destination, giving you the chance to work in the comforts of your home while fulfilling all your project needs.


Internal Mobility

Growth is one of the biggest priorities for job seekers nowadays. They don't just want a stable job and supportive employers. They also want room for development.


Switching employers may not be the first thing on your mind, especially if you're already accustomed to a healthy culture and working environment.


Luckily, working abroad allows you to be transferred to a different position in the same company. Luxoft's Internal Mobility allows candidates to challenge themselves in another role by taking on newer projects and clients in a new country.


All resources will be made available at your disposal. Start projects as soon as possible. Gain access to new tools and technologies to further hone your tech skills.


What Is The Luxoft Relocation Program?


Our Global Relocation program gives you the opportunity to live and work in a different country, broaden your experience, learn new skills, and establish a personal global network.


We will help you relocate to another city or country where Luxoft is present by giving you visa and travel support!


With over 40 offices in 22 countries, Luxoft runs a variety of projects across multiple cultures that you can experience by relocating.


How Does Luxoft Job Relocation Work?


Here's a step-by-step guide on your Luxoft relocation journey:


Step 1: Recruitment Process And Offer Signing

After accepting our offer, we will start all preparations for your smooth and compliant job relocation.


Step 2: Visa And Relocation

Our Relocation Team will help you obtain the required employment documents and organize your move to the destination location.


You won't have to worry about getting your travel documents and other paperwork in order. Our relocation team here at Luxoft does all the legwork for a smooth relocation process.


As part of the job relocation package, you will receive financial assistance to cover administration fees and other formalities.


No need to worry about accommodation, equipment, or miscellaneous peripherals. Our team will provide everything needed for the demands of your role.


Step 3: Legalization

Luxoft will support you throughout the legalization process in your destination country. All you need to do is focus on meeting project deadlines and adding value to your team.


Luxoft Jobs With Relocation Opportunities


Below is a list of Luxoft jobs with relocation opportunities in Singapore



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With over 15,000 digital specialists worldwide, Luxoft has helped skyrocket the careers of aspiring tech professionals and budding talents.


Our ever-expanding team needs unique talents, ready to take on revolutionary projects for some of the most prominent industry leaders in the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Luxoft Relocation Package Jobs


What Is The Global Relocation Program?


It is a program developed with the goal of facilitating candidate relocation from one location to another. Luxoft cares about its employees and works to make sure their transition into a new work environment is smooth.


What Types Of Job Relocation Are Available?


  • In-Country (relocation to another city within a country) - We're happy to support local professionals and help them relocate to other delivery centers in their country.
  • Cross-Border (relocation to another country) - We are able to relocate internal and external talents to the 22 countries where we are present.


What Costs Can Be Covered?


The relocation package offered by Luxoft covers several things. This can include initial accommodation expenses, baggage costs, compensation for economy-class tickets, and more. The exact conditions will be described in the offer letter.


Luxoft also provides visa and work/residence permit support.


Just in case you were wondering: If you have a family, no worries! Luxoft will help you relocate your family members as well (spouse and dependent children under 18 years old).


What Does Relocation Assistance Mean?


Relocation assistance occurs when a company helps newly-hired or current employees relocate for work from one location to another.


How Long Does It Take Before You’re Relocated To A New Location?


Domestic relocation takes 2-3 weeks, while international relocation may take from 1 to 6 months depending on destination location and citizenship of a candidate.