Passion Beyond Work – Prashanta who captures beautiful scenes


As a distinguished Murex Datamart developer for a premier bank, Prashanta’s dedication and prowess have consistently earned him the acclaim of both clients and peers. But beyond the code and algorithms, Prashanta tries to capture the wonders of nature through his camera lens while weekends are spent cycling with colleagues. To learn more about Prashanta’s story, read on.



How long have you been with Luxoft?


Since 2019.


Briefly share with us a bit about your work/role.


I work as a Murex Datamart developer for a top-tier local bank.

Previously, I worked for the same client at another company. My client feedback is always positive so when I was moving out of Singapore, one of the client managers approached our former Luxoft director and voila, here I am.

As a senior resource, who has been working with the same client since 2019, I’m responsible for onboarding new Luxoft resources assigned to the same client. This includes helping them understand the client environment, the project requirements and the company's culture. I also provide support and guidance throughout their work assignment.


What is your life like after working (including weekends)? For example, what is your favorite hobby?


I enjoy photography and cycling, and I make time for both of my hobbies.

I invest in my photography by using two different camera bodies for different purposes. I use my Canon R6 with 600mm RF f4, 100-500mm RF, and 16mm RF lenses for capturing photos of wildlife and landscapes. For macro photography, I use my Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II with ED 60mm f2.8 macro lens. I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife, especially snakes and eagles. I also love to capture moments, such as sunrises and sunsets.

I love outdoor cycling. I mainly use cycling as a workout, but I also enjoy the social aspect of it. I have managed to set up a small team of avid cyclists among my colleagues, and we meet every weekend to cycle together.



How does Luxoft help you maintain a work-life balance?


Luxoft helps us to organize various events. For example, a few of us went cycling around the island for 130 kilometers in December of last year.


What would your advice be for tech professionals who are busy and struggling to find time for their passions?


Regardless of how busy you are, you must find time for yourself to enjoy some simple hobbies. Without this, life will become boring.


Amidst the hustle and bustle, remember that your passions are the compass guiding you. Take a page out of Prashanta's book and join a company that values its employees' free time to find the right role for you.