Leaders of Luxoft Series:
Kelly Leong, Head of Wealth and Core Banking Delivery (APAC)


With a leadership style rooted in trust and empowerment Kelly Leong, Head of Wealth and Core Banking Delivery for APAC, has fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation within the company. In our discussion, we explored Kelly's core values, leadership strategies and vision for the future of Luxoft. Read on to get inspired!



What core values drive your leadership style, and how do you ensure they are reflected in the company's culture?


I believe that trust builds future leaders and I adopt this concept by empowering people to take ownership of their success. I apply this to everyone I work with, whether they are a superior or a subordinate. Because when trust is established, it allows us to accomplish great things.


Could you share an example of a challenging situation you faced as a leader and how you overcame it?


While everyone in the world was adjusting to the pandemic, we dealt with multiple issues too, from lower revenue turnover to unmotivated staff. Despite those challenging times, I chose to stay close and build a strong rapport with our staff because if we couldn’t retain them (the backbone of our organization), the business would take an even longer time to recover.


What strategies do you employ to foster innovation, creative thinking and collaboration within the team?


I always ensure that all ideas are explored thoroughly before turning away from them. Every idea may be a good solution. All team members will be given time to prepare and share their ideas or contributions before we decide as a team on the path that we will take. Having said that, democracy may not be applied to everything. There are times when tough decisions must be made.


How do you promote work-life balance and employee well-being within the organization?


The post-pandemic working environment has created stress as most individuals have to juggle between work and family and even when to sign off while working from home. We should always strive to deliver the best in the agreed amount of time. There is no point in staying back or working extra hours if you can’t achieve that.


What makes our company stand out from others in the industry, and how do you envision its future?


Our company strives to be the best at what we do. We look at market trends and invest in training so that we always stay ahead of the curve.


Luxoft stands out in the industry not only for its dedication to staying ahead of market trends but because of leaders like Kelly and their unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Join Kelly and the Luxoft team on a path toward excellence and realize your full potential. Explore our vacancies here.