Luxoft Singapore Junior
Data Engineer Academy

This is an extensive program to engage and upskill Singapore techies who are keen to dive into projects involving cutting-edge data and analytics solutions for our suite of clients.

What is Junior Data Engineer Academy?

Luxoft Singapore’s Junior Data Engineer Academy program aims to engage and upskill aspiring local tech talent to build future-ready data and analytics professionals.

Participants will acquire knowledge in Python, SQL, Spark, Hadoop and multiple Big Data technologies. In addition, they will also learn about business analysis, creative and computational thinking, communication, and stakeholder and change management.

We are looking for 35 engineers with expertise in data management, data visualization, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to be part of our program. These individuals will subsequently engage in projects involving cutting-edge data and analytics solutions for our extensive suite of clients.

How you will benefit from this program

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Have the opportunity to work across a multitude of roles such as data engineer, data visualization and analytics expert, advanced data analytics expert, AI/ML expert, as well as a wealth of clients and locations to explore when you successfully complete the academy

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Gain exposure to cross-domain data analytics business approaches as well as additional mentoring from Luxoft senior data solutions experts to enhance your development

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Be embedded in live projects where you can apply your knowledge; the projects will be a combination of client-specific initiatives as well as internal enterprise-wide initiatives at Luxoft

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Enjoy extensive collaboration and learning opportunities through the Luxoft data solutions practice, chapters, and guilds, allowing you to obtain deep insights into industry use-cases across a multitude of financial services organizations

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