Be like Gina,
HR Manager (Singapore)


In 2017, Luxoft Singapore was made of only 30 employees, one of whom, Gina Ang, was an HR administrator. After several years and even more promotions, she is now the HR manager and oversees more than 400 employees both in Singapore and Korea. We sat down to discuss her day-to-day life at Luxoft and find out more about this intrepid IT expert. Read on to get some inspiration!



What are your main responsibilities?


Managing HR operations and working as an HRBP for Singapore and Korea.


Besides ensuring our HR operations run smoothly daily, I work closely with delivery management and employees to improve work relationships, build morale, and increase productivity and retention. I communicate Luxoft’s culture and provide guidance to employees and provide day-to-day performance management guidance to managers regarding career development, disciplinary actions, employee coaching. In addition, I analyze and communicate employee behavior via our assessment surveys, engage in conflict management, and maintain my knowledge of legal requirements to reduce legal risks and ensure regulatory compliance.


Tell us about your average day at work.


I like to start each day by going through my meeting schedule for the day before reviewing my emails. I prioritize urgent queries, as I like to take any immediate action required.


After checking in with my direct reports, I focus on ongoing HR projects, putting together analyses and results in presentations for delivery management and employees.


What do you value most about Luxoft?


Our diverse culture, the open-minded managers I have worked with, and finally, a respectful working environment for me where I can be my best possible professional self in my role.


What do you love the most about your job?


The one thing I gain the most satisfaction from is making small differences in the locations I manage. For example, it’s all worth it when an employee says a simple thank you or sends an appreciative message for resolving their issue or supporting them in the challenges they face.


Any advice you would give to your peers who are looking to join a global tech firm?


Have an open mind and heart, as you never know where life will take you.


Share with us how different are you at work and after work?


At work, I am a serious go-getter. After work, I take life as it comes!



From relatively humble beginnings to being able to positively affect the lives of a large population– as proven by Gina’s path, Luxoft offers tons of possibilities! If you bring passion to your work and are motivated by a curiosity to uncover the next big thing in IT, it would be our honor to see you among our vibrant family. Who knows, you might have just as meteoric a rise as Gina! Explore our vacancies here.