A battle Through History:
Is Java Still Relevant for Software?

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A battle Through History: Is Java Still Relevant for Software?


Java is not a teenager anymore. With almost three decades in the market, Java has had a very interesting history and evolution. It played an important role in as the new way to build software for free in the new OOP programming paradigm at the time. However, after all these years, is Java still relevant for the market? Is Java a dead language? Does it make sense to invest time and effort in this old-fashioned language?

We will go through the Java’s important features over its lifetime, the evolution of the technology, and its current features so the audience can more fully understand the magic of the language and decide how relevant Java is for the industry nowadays.


December 10, 2020, 4:30PM CET

About The Speaker:

Dmitriy Zubenko
Dmitriy started his IT carrier as SW Developer and after as Project Manager at various projects. From 2016 he used to be a Technical Project Manager at UBS with SecIT Projects and from 2017 Dimiriy started to host various Trainings Courses for IT Managers with the following topics: • Project Management; • Operational Risk Management; • Lean 6 Sigma; From 2019 Dmitriy work as Technical PM at TOC Strategy and Transformation.


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