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Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company, empowers our customers with deep domain knowledge and smart solutions while we develop the software of the future in the various diverse areas of our everyday life. We empower our clients to turn their visions for the future of their products into reality. Luxoft enables digital business transformation, enhances customer experiences, and boosts operational efficiency through its strategy, consulting, and engineering services.


Luxoft was established in the Netherlands in 2016 in Eindhoven, the high-tech heart of the country. Our continuous business growth and our clients’ trust in us has led to a rapid expansion that brought us to having active operations in Zaandam as well. Our expertise in Digital Engineering cemented our company in the minds of clients as a highly committed partner that takes customer challenges as our own.

Luxoft Eindhoven

About Luxoft Eindhoven

The business domain of our client, ASML, is extremely exciting. They are the leading company pushing the boundaries of Moore’s Law, which describes and outlines the potential evolution of integrated circuits. We have been a top R&D services supplier for ASML for over 5 years. We play a key role in various development projects based on C/C++, Java, Python, C#, Delphi, and Linux. For cutting-edge projects such as these, software quality is extremely important. Therefore, we apply modern development practices based on CI/CD, unit testing, test automation, system testing, and DevOps. The team primarily operates with Agile and SAFe practices.

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Luxoft Netherlands b.v., Flight Forum, 840,
5657 dv Eindhoven

About Luxoft Zaandam

Our Zandaam offices focuses on work with the Azure PaaS platform, processing all sorts of business data to build an advanced analytics program that will deliver deeper insights and more powerful applications to businesses. We continuously enhance our platforms to support additional CI/CD and validated learning environments to empower scientific, machine learning, and AI capabilities for all customer-facing areas such as digital omni-channel interaction and commerce, commerce relevance, personalization, and loyalty and marketing, as well as non-customer-facing areas such as assortment optimization, supply chain optimization, external parties, and IoT. Our team of experts develops end-to-end solutions including architecture as well as data preparation, processing, and consumption by systems.

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C#/VB.NET C# senior developer Eindhoven, NL Senior
Data Modeling Data Engineer with Java experience Eindhoven, NL Senior
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Java Senior Java Developer Eindhoven, NL Senior