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Why will you love working in Mexico?

From Mayan ruins to nightclubs, from beaches to charming small towns, from tequila town to the local cuisine which has been deemed the intangible cultural heritage of humanity – no matter your style, Mexico is calling.


Home to some of the most diverse and exciting experiences in Latin America, Mexico is one of the top destinations for digital nomads. Its low cost of living, friendly immigration rules, reliable internet speed, well-developed transportation system, and role as a unique meeting place makes Mexico ideal for people looking for adventure, culture, and convenience.

Seven reasons to make the change

Work-life balance

Rediscover a work-life balance in Mexico. The affordable cost of living, historical landmarks, and prominent green spaces make this location perfect for those who love to be outdoors, take a day trip to a small magical town, pick fresh fruit for the week, or ride their bikes to work to enjoy the amazing sun.

Work-life balance
Discover community and new amigos
Discover community and new amigos

Be part of our big family, a friendly international group in which you’ll enjoy an honest smile and a supportive hand from local team members as well as experienced expats who will make you feel at home.


You will find affordable high-level schools and safe, calm neighborhoods where you can relax after work by walking your dog, taking your children to parks, or by exploring numerous activities with your family.

Beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets

The country’s Caribbean coast is home to some of the best beaches in Mexico. Known for its turquoise waters, fringed palm trees, white-sand beaches, and the occasional Mayan ruin, Mexico’s ever-popular beachside destinations are not only great for relaxing by the sea with a cold drink, but they’re also a hotspot for intrepid exploration and wild nightlife.

Beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets
Discover nature and unreal landscapes
Discover nature and unreal landscapes

If you dream of exploring diverse landscapes and stepping into snow, desert, mountains, and rainforests, Mexico is your destination. Is a megadiverse country. In general terms, it is estimated that more than 10% of all world’s species live in this country. Its complex geography translates into a diversity of habitats, soils, and climates. Mexico is an extremely varied country with oceans on both sides and a great altitudinal range.

Colorful, joyful culture

When it comes to culture and folklore, Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Mexican culture is a beautiful blend of the country’s indigenous roots and its history of European conquest and colonization. Witness the vibrant costumes and decorations, folk dancing, delicious Mexican food culture, and patriotic happiness that runs deep throughout the country.


The country is home to 34 of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) world heritage sites, 26 of which arose from Mexico’s unique culture, six from its natural beauty, and two from a mixture of both. From the Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila to the Pre-Hispanic City and National Park of Palenque, the country is bursting with Mexican cultural traditions that are beloved world-wide.

Colorful, joyful culture
Breathe in history
Breathe in history

Mexico is home to one of the new seven wonders of the world. Along with the Great Wall of China, the Roman Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, and others, Chichen Itza has left visitors mesmerized since it was erected in 600 A.D.


Throughout history, different areas of Mexico have been home to numerous cultures. Particularly in ancient times, between 1800 and 300 BC, several complex cultures formed. Ruins and remains of many of these Mesoamerican civilizations can still be seen throughout Mexico and offer insight into ancient times.

Growing your career at Mexico's Silicon Valley

Guadalajara, is Mexico’s second largest city, and has quickly became one of the most popular places to move to in Latin America. Is also been known as a tech hub on the international scene for quite a while and has attracted some of the most renowned companies since more than 30 years. As innovation epicenter of the region, is destined to expand its influence globally. With 15 large U.S. corporations and 600 tech startups, the region regularly hosts the country’s biggest tech events.


Also, for Luxoft, our HQ are in Guadalajara, and along with Mexico City, is a key location with high visibility and the opportunity for growth, as it leads Latin-America-wide projects in many of our core lines of business, such as the automotive, telecom, retail and e-commerce, health and life sciences and capital markets.

Work content and growing career opportunities


Luxoft Benefits

Global Relocation
  • Relocation options
  • Experience in an international environment
  • Cross-cultural experience
Mentoring Program
  • Professional career development for leaders
Recognition and Evaluation
  • Feedback culture
  • Regular appraisals
Luxoft Training Center
  • More than 400 professional training programs
  • The High Performers Club
Internal Mobility
  • Rotation between projects and accounts
  • New career opportunities
Professional Communities
  • Join one of our many internal communities (Agile Community, Tech Community, Business Analysis Community, etc.)
Team Events
  • Take part in the many fun social activities organized by the Luxoft team in your city.
Friendly Environment
  • Enjoy coming to a workplace where you’re treated with respect within a multicultural team.
Self-Learning Library
CSR Projects

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We are currently looking for specialists experienced in the below domains. If you have a minimum of 3 years of experience in one of them and have a great command of English, we would be happy to speak to you and share more details of any of our positions:


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Manual Testing Regular Manual QA Remote Mexico, MX Junior Apply Recommend a friend
Axiom AxiomSL Developer Remote Mexico, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend
Java Full Stack Software Developer - Full Stack Remote Mexico, MX Regular Apply Recommend a friend
Automated Testing Others Latency Testing QA Engineer Remote Mexico, MX Regular Apply Recommend a friend
Software/System Architecture Senior Software Architect (React Native and Java/Kotlin or Obj-C/Swift) Remote Mexico, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend
Python Senior Python engineer (with DevOps experience) Remote Mexico, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend
Technical Project Management Project Manager Remote Mexico, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend
Manual Testing Senior Manual QA Remote Mexico, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend
Automated Testing Others Senior QA Automation Remote Mexico, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend
C/C++ Senior Software Engineer C++ Guadalajara, MX, MX Senior Apply Recommend a friend