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LUVRE - Realtime HMI Testing in Virtual Reality

Welcome to our Luxoft Technology Series (#LTS), a collection of free online events organized in association with our tech experts, during which you can share inspiring ideas, use cases, news, and thoughts.

Made by Luxoft from Designers for Designers, during this webinar we are going to be talking about LUVRE, a Tool to preview your Automotive UI Designs in a realistic 3D Interieur. This makes the sync between Interieur Designs and UI / UX Design more unified. Use Virtual Reality to preview your designs and prototypes in different lighting conditions for different Car Lines and Screen Setups. In this Webinar, we show you what LUVRE is capable of and how it improves the Workflow between Interior Design and UI / UX Design.


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27th January 2022, 5:30 pm CET

About The Speaker:

Daniel Keller
Daniel works as an Interaction Designer in the Automotive Space focusing on the future of Automotive UI/UX Design. Specialized in Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and how the User Experience will change from what we are used to today. Daniel is always at the forefront of new technologies, utilizing them to create stunning User Experience Concepts.


5:30 p.m.

Welcome to our LoGeek Night


5:40 p.m.

LUVRE - Realtime HMI Testing in Virtual Reality


6:25 p.m.

Q&A Session



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