A Glimpse into What It's Like Working
at Luxoft

As a tech talent, where you'll work will likely be your biggest priority. No matter how much you know about programming languages, coding, and data analytics, all of it will be for nought if projects aren't consistently coming in.


So, choosing to work at a technology services firm is a big leap. And if Luxoft is one of your choices, you're likely asking yourself, "Why work at Luxoft?" "What's in it for me that I won't get at other companies?"


For starters, Luxoft is beyond just your average tech service provider. Our employees are not just yet another number. We genuinely care about fostering deep partnerships with them.


After all, they are what makes the backbone of our business. We would be nothing without our Luxofters, which is why we extend them employment benefits, training, and other skills-building activities geared towards their career growth.


How? Here are reasons why we're the go-to company for tech talents worldwide.



Why Should You Work at Luxoft?

Global Company


Luxoft is a global digital solutions provider with diverse locations across multiple continents. We have over 17,000 specialists worldwide, taking on ground-breaking projects for the world's most prominent Fortune 500 companies aimed towards a digital tomorrow.


We have Luxoft offices in Europe, North America, and Australia, as well as East and South-East Asia. This is a chance to work with fellow technology talents from diverse backgrounds.


Every one of our Luxofters works with international employees, sharing their deep industry expertise while fostering a supportive environment.


Have you ever dreamed of working your dream IT job abroad? Now you can make your dream a reality with the Luxoft Global Relocation Program.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work in a different location, expand your experience, and establish a personal global network.


The best part? Luxoft ensures a smooth relocation process by offering visa and travel support so you can continue focusing on projects, collaborate with your fellow Luxofters, and add value to your new global team through your expertise.


Work In Top-Notch Projects with Fortune 500 Clients


Part of what makes a fulfilling technology career is the ability to work on meaningful and impactful tech projects.


Let's face it: you don't just want to work on another app or website that doesn't showcase your talents.


Instead, you want to take on projects where you feel aptly challenged—where your skills are tested to the limits, with due credit and recognition.


We've got news for you. At Luxoft, we always aim to be one step ahead of the competition. Luxoft is building the future of today by empowering our tech talents to take on projects that aim to solve the pressing tech challenges of today.


With Luxoft, you'll have the opportunity of working in industries like Automotive, Banking and Capital Markets, Tourism and Hospitality, Media, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, as well as Healthcare and Life Sciences.


Want to build the first-ever self-driving vehicle? What about a self-service kiosk powered by AI and facial recognition technology?


Wherever your passions lie, we want to nurture them. We want to ensure all our Luxofters handle meaningful projects that align with their career aspirations, interests, and professional skills.


Join In Experts from The IT Community


Luxoft combines passion with profession by encouraging our employees to take on various projects and fostering an always-learning mindset.


Whether you are a full-stack developer, strategy consultant, or automotive engineer, unparalleled career opportunities are always available to you.


You'll work alongside and be mentored by the most prolific experts in the IT community. Learn how they found success in their field and pick the brains of someone who's the best at what they do.


At Luxoft, we endeavour to make learning a never-ending process. We also view learning as a gateway to more fruitful career opportunities.


Build professional relationships with the many IT experts you'll encounter while handling your first-ever Luxoft project. Get a glimpse of how they approach and develop solutions to project-oriented problems.


Who knows? You might just be the next IT expert employees will eventually look up to.


Great Work-Life Balance Culture


Working in tech is no easy feat. You'll often be met with a barrage of tight deadlines and heavy workloads that can siphon the life out of you. Sounds bleak, doesn't it?


This is why at Luxoft, we understand that we wouldn't be where we are without our employees. Our work culture is built around the idea that every single Luxoft employee deserves a work-life balance.


Whatever your trade, whether in software development or digital strategy consulting, you'll be given flexible working hours to accomplish your tasks.


Luxoft also extends other benefits on top of that, such as:


  • Competitive compensation package
  • Lateral mobility to work across various projects
  • Possibility of working from home
  • Full autonomy (work at your own pace)
  • Unlimited career development programs
  • Fun and agile management
  • Supportive and professional team
  • And many more


Start-Up Environment Where Ideas Are Appreciated


Luxoft operates on three key pillars: think, create, and accelerate. We believe that true innovation is possible only by understanding our employees have the capacity to impact a predominantly digital world.


Though Luxoft has been operating for 20 years now, employees will find that our working environment is like a startup.


Our employees' input and expertise are valued at every stage. We aim to build a culture where everyone feels comfortable and bold enough to showcase their creativity.


At Luxoft, the sky's the limit. Work on projects from scratch and see your vision come to life with the support of fellow Luxofters.


Unparalleled Career Development

The great thing about working in tech is that with every new development comes new problems. The world faces new and pressing digital challenges, day in and out.


And we strive to empower our employees to solve those challenges by advancing their personal and professional paths.


Luxoft offers multiple enrichment opportunities in the form of:


  • Mentorships
  • Volunteer Clubs
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Luxoft Relocation Program
  • Internal Mobility Program
  • A Culture of Feedback


No day is a dull day in the life of a Luxoft employee. Stagnation isn't in their vocabulary—just pure and genuine career growth in the palm of their hands.


Hone Your Writing and Presentation Skills


Tech talents often view writing and communication as "soft skills", but it's quite the opposite. The fact of the matter is these two are crucial in tech work.


Think about it: If you can't properly communicate a problem or showcase a proposed solution, how else can you expect to talk to clients and meet their demands?


Another reason to join our growing team of Luxoft employees is our belief that education is paramount to the future success of our IT professionals.


All our employees have access to learning tools and resources that enable them to build innovative solutions.


Our Luxoft employees can enroll in our Leadership Academic, People Management (PPM) University, PM Academy and add foreign languages to their arsenal.


We want all our employees to have a leadership mindset. We want to give them the keys to handling difficult situations and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.


Conclusion About Life at Luxoft


Luxoft, a DXC technology company, is arguably the first choice for any aspiring IT professional.


As we strive to develop bespoke technology solutions and enable business transformation for our clients, we understand our Luxofters are at the core of it all.


This is why we equip them with all the tools needed to get their job done and bring the world a step closer towards digital transformation.


Join our growing team of digital specialists! Experience the Luxoft employee difference once and for all Explore job opportunities with Luxoft China or contact us via email (recruiters_cn@dxc.com) for more information.