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The Scrum Master guides, coaches, and mentors not more than three Agile teams toward achieving their objectives.


     Generally works without consulting their manager.
     Independent decisions are made daily.
     Examples of typical decisions without manager consultation:
     Reprioritize and manage workload.
     Work with team members to enhance Agile practices.
     Assist with creation or delivery of Agile presentations.
     Typically has no direct reports.
     Typically has no total staff.
     Typically has a global geographic focus.
     Typically does not manage a budget.


Must have

    Enable Agility
     Coach, train, and mentor assigned Agile teams:
     Work with each team to institute the Agile framework that best fits team activities.
     Familiarize the team with the common elements of the chosen system such as Daily Scrums and Sprint/Iteration Reviews.
     Foster cross team communication.
     Guide continuous backlog refinement with the team.
     Foster an Agile culture:
     Foster a strong and cohesive team dynamic.
     Foster trust and collaboration across all team members; make it safe to challenge, experiment and fail without fear.
     Foster continuous collaboration; continuously collaborate and communicate across all functions supporting Agile team execution.
     Promote continuous improvement at the team level for all functions.
     Give recognition for results.
     Promote and coach healthy communication in and around the team.
     Assist in training and mentoring those outside the Agile team who support and work with the team, such as Product Owner and Functional Manager.
     Support the Product Owner to ensure the Agile artifacts used by the team are healthy.
     Guide teams towards high performance.
     Collaborate with other Scrum Masters to develop and foster cross team communication.
     Assist Agile Coaches and Agile Program Managers to coach, train and educate teams, Programs (team of teams) and those surrounding the teams on the principles and practices of Agile.
     Build a coaching relationship with an Agile Coach.
     Model continuous learning.
     Participate in regional Agile groups.
     Gain an understanding of Agile-at-scale approaches and techniques.
     Protect team from external interruptions to execution.
     Facilitate team level Agile ceremonies such as Daily Stand-ups, Retrospectives, and Iteration Planning as a servant leader to the team.
     May support the Team Demo as needed.
     Maintain a healthy interaction between individual team members and teams.
     Proactively recognize conflict; facilitate conflict resolution through collaboration and consensus.
     Assist Agile Program Managers with facilitation of program increment (PI) planning.
     Track team impediments and escalate those that cannot be resolved within the team.

Nice to have

    Scrum Master Certifications


English: C2 Proficient

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Scrum Master

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