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Digital Identity backend solution development.

We develop a product which is aimed to provide PHI in a privacy preserving manner to third parties by using credentials and privacy preserving techniques (i.e ZKP).

From technical perspective we have the following goals:

1. Implementation of a SaaS solution to securely generate, process and exchange users' credentials between Users, Service and Credential Providers
2. Implementation of the infrastructure to users to securely store and exchange verifiable credentials


    Main responsibilities
    1. Developing mobile library supporting DIDComm protocol in Kotlin multi-platform
    2. Developing Backend Services in Kotlin
    3. Participation in architecture discussions


Must have

    1. At least 5 years experience in software engineering
    2. Solid experience with Kotlin and Java
    3. Understanding software development patterns and best practices
    4. Experience with docker, gradle
    5. Basic knowledge of Linux
    6. Strong problem-solving skills
    7. Ability to work independently

    Kotlin, Docker, Gradle, Linux, Java

Nice to have

    1. Experience in Mobile development especially with Kotlin Multi-Platform(huge advantage)
    2. Experience in development of high-load system
    3. Experience with OAuth/OpenId Connect
    3. Basic understanding of blokchain or decentrilized identity(this is a huge advantage for candidate)
    4. Basic understanding of cryptigraphy
    5. Experience with one of: Rust, .NET

    OpenID Connect, Cryptography, OAuth 2.0, Blockchain, OAuth, Rust programming language, .NET Core


English: B2 Upper Intermediate



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