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The role is for team member in Murex EOD/Operations support. The team is looking to hire an experienced Murex EOD support personnel to augment their capacity


    Murex related Responsibility:
    1) Supporting the Pre-Core, Core, Accounting, Var, CVA and MLC batches.
    2) Assist the service delivery team with design and implementation of new batches according to new requirements.
    3) Configuring the processing scripts, feeders, stored procedures for various modules and debugging the issues related to it.
    4) Performing/Monitoring daily/monthly housekeep jobs related to Accounting, Market Data etc.
    5) Perform ad hoc operational requests such as generating of on demand reports, file transfer, housekeeping activities
    6) Liaise with vendor to run diagnostics and troubleshooting for EOD issues
    7) Monitor and tune performance of overall EOD
    8) Perform sanity checks in MurexUI such as workflows, real time data etc
    9) Work with DBA`s to troubleshoot performance issues with DB that impact the EOD batches


Must have

    Mandatory Skills:
    1) Proficient with murex EOD architecture, key services and end to end process
    2) good understand of murex log structure & artefact location
    3) Datamart Dynamic tables/Feeders/batch Configuration, scanner templates, processing script definition
    4) Knowledge of Scheduling tool such as control m, Autosys
    5) Ability to resolve feeder exceptions, overflow, crashes and to unblock stalled batches
    6) Understanding and debugging of bash, ant, python/perl scripts on LINUX RHEL.
    7) Knowledge of DB fundamentals such as query plan, SQL, indexing

    Soft Skills
    1) Good communication skills
    2) Stakeholder management skills

Nice to have



English: C1 Advanced



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