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Remote Serbia


Remote Serbia

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Project Description

Development of new internal information system for one of the largest logistics companies. The system is heavily integrated with various other systems both internally and externally.


    Position assumes hybrid role Architect/Dev Team Lead.
    Responsibility distribution would look like following (early project stage, more architect activities):
    - form development team 4-5 dev's (tech interviewing/hiring)
    - create detailed architecture concept and get it approved with the customer:
    --a ctive communication with customer representative (techincal and business) to get better understanding of customer needs
    -- active interaction with the team (analyst, project manager, developers) to share your view on the solution from technical perspective
    - creating application barebone:
    -- including environment set up
    -- development process set up
    -- prototypes (PoCs) creation

    After active development phase started, balance would be different (more team lead activities):
    - leading development, devops team (~4-5 devs); including tasks creation, distribution and task implementation monitoring
    - support architecture concept implementation consistent during the development
    - actively communicate with the client (be main techincal contact for the client from vendor side)


Must have

    - Experience with building and leading development teams (5+ devs)
    - Experience with Application Architecture Design and implementation
    - Experience with Microservice Application Design and implementation
    - Experience with Application API design
    - Understanding (or some real experience) of frontend application design principles
    - Good knowledge of Spring Boot / Spring Cloud frameworks and Java language (Java 17 is a big plus)
    - Good knowledge of RDBMS (Postgres, Oracle)
    - Experience with container ready application development
    - Experience with container orchestration platforms (application setup) like Kubernetes/OpenShift

    Candidate will be heavily involved into building production ready application directly from blueprints. It requires strong microservice large enterprise application design and implementation skills.
    All the backend ecosystem supposed to be written in Java using Spring Boot as core framework.
    To cover microservice architecture needs Spring Cloud components supposed to be used in combination with built-in features of the Container Orchestration platform (Openshift or Kubernetes).

    Based on the clarified data models (after project elaboration phase), the candidate should be able to make conscious decision about db type (rdbms or nosql) and prepare effective data model structures considering selected storage features.

Nice to have

    - Experience in the logistic industry
    - Familiar with Agile methotologies (Scrum, Kanban)
    - Any Experience with document oriented DBs (like MongoDB)
    - Understanding CI/CD principles, experience with Gitlab/Jenkins
    - Helm charts development experience
    - React.js applications development experience


English: B2 Upper Intermediate



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