Data-Driven Development Architect,

Project Description

Luxoft在拓展汽车行业咨询业务,赋能客户的数据驱动开发平台。我们寻找一位汽车业务高级顾问,他将参与Luxoft团队一起整合敏捷开发,汽车车云一体软件开发,持续集成,持续部署,DevOps, 车联网和大数据,自动驾驶仿真,感知训练等业务成一个平台去完成自动驾驶开发。Luxoft欢迎自我驱动型的,咨询导向的和创业思维的候选人一起定义自动驾驶的未来方向。
Currently, we seek to grow an Automotive Advisory, empowering customers to implement Data-Driven Development platform. We are looking for a Senior Automotive Advisor, who will drive our Advisory vision, as is to combine Luxoft agile & automotive SW excellence from in-vehicle to cloud, CI/CD & DevOps, connectivity & data, AD simulation, perception training into a platform covering the complete Autonomous Driving function development.
Luxoft is happy to receive applications from self-motivated, consultative-thinking, and entrepreneurial candidates with a strong interest in shaping the future of Autonomous Driving.


    • 基于场景的概念,开发和验证仿真系统, 使用自动化工具链开发测试方案
    Conceptualize scenario-based, simulation-driven development and validation in small-scale research and development test fleets with fully automated toolchains.
    • 分享和验证在已有的框架上集成新流程,方法和工具,助力训练系统优化和升级
    Share experience and best practices on integrating new processes, methods, and tools into existing frameworks; assist in creating training and upskilling programs.
    • 进行业务建模,包括风险和收益的量化评估
    Conduct business modelling incl. quantified risks and benefits.
    • 支持自动驾驶的仿真系统,感知训练系统和虚拟化相关的工作
    Support on AD Simulation System, (Perception) Training System, Virtual Workplace.
    • 支持自动驾驶性能评测
    Support on Autonomous Driving Performance Evaluation.
    • 支持车云一体软件集成
    Support on In-vehicle SW and cloud integration
    • 支持云端数据平台业务开发,例如业务平台,自动驾驶大数据运营系统
    Support on Cloud Data Platform, i.e. business Platform, Autonomous Driving Data Operation System.


Must have

    • 本科或以上学位,汽车,软件或者数据科学相关专业
    Bachelor’s degree or above, with an automotive / software / data-science focus
    • 在大数据,仿真或者数据驱动开发等相关领域三年以上的专业经验
    3 years of professional experience in big data, simulations, or data-driven development.
    • 有开发汽车智驾云平台或类似产品的经验
    Experience in development of automotive cloud platform in ADAS/AD, or other related field such as AI
    • 有提供数据驱动开发产品咨询服务/开发的经验
    Proven experience of handling supplier in Data-Driven Development-related consulting/development project.
    • 在数据驱动开发,自动驾驶,仿真或者数字孪生或者相关的平台上负责过技术工作
    Technical roles in autonomous driving, data-driven development, simulations or digital twins, and platforms enabling them.
    • 优秀的沟通和演示能力
    Excellent communication (written and orally) and presentation skills.
    • 熟悉Miro,Confluence,JIRA,office等相关工具和方法论
    Proficiency in relevant tools (Miro, Confluence, Jira, Office) and methodologies.

Nice to have

    • 作为解决方案架构师,在云端开发方面有相关的能力认证或者证书,有设计(大规模)车联网业务的经验
    Cloud certification as Solution Architect and experience in designing large-scale automotive platforms
    • 了解基于(自动驾驶)场景的测试,例如了解PEGASUS方法论
    Scenario based testing (PEGASUS methodology)
    • 了解汽车仿真技术框架
    Automotive simulation frameworks
    • 了解车内数据(传感器,数据等)录制系统
    Automotive in-vehicle recordings systems
    • 在技术,流程,方法,工具和运营模型方面给客户提供过咨询,并且是有相关记录可查的
    Strong track record of advising clients on technologies, processes, methods, tools, and operating models
    • 在人工智能、机器学习、深度学习和数据科学或相关方向有学位或者证书
    Degree / certified in AI, machine learning, deep learning, and data science methods.
    • 能够向技术的和非技术的管理层就复杂的问题进行口头或书面的汇报
    Solid experience in communicating and presenting complex information to technical and non-technical senior leaders, both verbally and in written form.
    • 普通话和英文流利
    Language: Fluent in English and regional language


English: B2 Upper Intermediate

Chinese: C2 Proficient



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