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Our client - a tier one telecommunications Asian corporation opens vacancy of Senior Engineer.
The area of testing and software development - Virtual Machine optimization.
Alllure EE, Dashboards, tools integration, test suite integration and development


    • Writing tests, test suites and automation frameworks for testing different parts of new VM (Interpreter)
    • Stress testing setup
    • Executing existing test suites for Java VM
    • Executing existing test suites for JavaScript VM
    • Test failure analysis
    • JCK
    • JCStress
    • GCBasher
    • Writing plugins and tools for results representation
    • Result uploading to common storage server
    • Graphical result representation
    • Result analysis simplification
    • Debugging tools testing


Must have

    • Experience in testing types:
    • Functional
    • Stress
    • Durability
    • Work in testing
    • Test framework development
    • Test infrastructure improvements
    • Test writing
    • Java knowledge
    • Good Java programming skill
    • Java libraries and Frameworks knowledge

Nice to have

    • Python knowledge
    • Ruby knowledge
    • Knowledge of VM specifics, testing experience
    • Garbage collectors
    • Memory management
    • Stack or registry-based VMs
    • Experience of compiler testing
    • Experience of byte-code disassembly
    • Experience in usage of Language interoperability frameworks (JNI, FFI)
    • Java application debugging experience
    • JVMTI knowledge


English: A2 Elementary

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Work Type

QA automation

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