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Project Description

The goal of the Luxoft team is to further enable a seamless integration of the SoC Vendor into the OEM's way of working, know as the Software Force. The SoC Vendor, and it's development team, has the role of the Tier1b according to the Software Force way of working. Along with development this implies other tasks such as bug triage and build failure duties among others. In the scope of the project Luxoft engineers, together with SoC Vendor will collaborate with various suppliers in the Daimler ecosystem, such as MBition, Bosch, Navis, Cinemo, Elektrobit, Alten, etc. In the Gen20x project ecosystem the role of SoC Vendor is implications on providing support to the OEM's feature development teams, as well as provide technical assets in the scope of BSP and Multimedia. Furthermore the SoC Vendor's team is responsible to triage and address bugs reported to them from other feature teams and the OEM / T1 testing department.


    This Position is for a strong Software Engineer with good knowledge and hands-on experience in Design/Development/Debugging aspects of Embedded Multimedia (Graphics/ Display/Camera/Video /Audio) on one or more of operating systems like Linux, Android, Greenhills Integrity and QNX embedded systems. The Main responsibility is to provide direct support to customers and partners with the design, development and debug of SoC reference designs SW related issues and helping to customize/optimize software to meet the product requirements using the features in SOC. The Candidate must quickly ramp-up onto an existing project, understand Automotive platform Hardware and Software driver architecture, read/write technical specifications/requirements, demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving abilities and work closely with external customers to customize and launch their new products.


Must have

    OpenGL ES, Video Codecs (HEVC, H265/H264), Audio Codecs (MP3/AAC), Camera Linux Kernel, Embedded C, 2D/3D Graphics, GPU Pipeline, Debugging, Real-time operating system (RTOS) , Embedded Software

Nice to have

    Android, Audio
    Experience with Automotive Infotainment projects
    Live debugging and Post-mortem debugging
    Experience with one or more software platforms: QNX, Linux Containers
    Exposure to Hypervisors and Virtualization
    OpenGL ES, Vulcan,
    Audio Frameworks and Drivers
    Experience with Display and Camera drivers and controllers
    Familiarity with bridge-chips (serialiser/de-serialisers), composition, colour formats
    GPU buffer management, GPU shader architecture
    Display panel and /or Camera sensor specifications (timing, pixel clock, framerates)
    Experience with CSI and DSI interfaces
    Experience with System performance profiling and optimization
    Understanding of Linux kernel concepts and relevant work experience.
    Familiarity with : Qt/QML, SHM, Window Managers, Texture Compression, eAVB


English: C1 Advanced

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