High Performers Club

High Performer Club Program

High Performers Club - was launched in 2012 by the company's management as a comprehensive training program for a «talent pool» within the Company. During this special program middle level managers – team leads and project managers – participated in strategic interactive sessions with Luxoft top managers (HPC supervisors), as well as received specialized training program for management knowledge and skills.

At Luxoft we believe

We are large, international, multicultural yet still growing company. We have been on the market of years and we continue expanding, securing the jobs of our engineers. Month to month we observe a constant organic growth in size and possibilities of development for our people.

Our CSR programs

Thanks to our broad services portfolio and highest standards of HR practices, we make sure that all of our employees can develop in a direction of their interest. Whether it is a leadership path in a management structures or a business domain expertise, it is all possible in here! Check out the development section on our page and find out how we support it.

Our vision commits us

Our clients are the globally recognized blue-chip companies and we are honored to be a partner of theirs. Our engineers have been very often compared to a special forces on a critical mission, solving the most complicated tasks and we truly believe this is the best description of what we really do.