Healthcare and Life Sciences
Advancing Digital Healthcare and Pharma


  • Connect patients, doctors, providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers with the most relevant digital innovations for fast, consistent and empowering outcomes.
  • Take part in the advance of digital healthcare and pharma by improving patient experience, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Why Join Us

  • Global Healthcare and Pharma engagements
  • Stable long-term customer engagements
  • Flexible working hours
  • Career growth opportunities


We are digital technology experts. We work with numerous advanced digital platforms and well-established technologies. We also work with all cloud service providers including AWS, AzureX, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Our partner agnostic approach allows us to focus exclusively on our clients’ goals enabling us to deliver them the best outcomes.


We provide the highest level of engineering expertise with mature software application development processes, ensuring that our software engineering and maintenance services are of the highest quality.


Luxoft is constantly extending its engineering capabilities and expertise. If you want to learn new technologies, apart from the common ones used today, we have a whole list of internal classes and projects you can join.


Depending on your assigned project, the technology stack will include proprietary and public technologies and new and exciting leading-edge ones as well.

Healthcare And Life Sciences

Our services for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry include:


Digital Strategy


Take advantage of the latest technologies and Agile methodologies targeted for healthcare and life sciences. Run smarter, more productive laboratories, discover clinical data insight and proactively monitor patient health.


Our solutions here include:
  • Digital lab (automated testing via computer vision and AI)
  • UI/UX development
  • Customer engagement
  • Patient and insured member monitoring
  • Insights and commercialization of data sources
  • DevOps (automated infrastructure and application deployment) using cloud
  • Blockchain for trusted collaboration


Quality and Compliance


Improve reliability standards, compliance and, most importantly, quality of care through optimized process management and greater data control. Our modern project management approach helps you capture value across products, processes and systems.


Our solutions here include:
  • Business process management
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Data reporting and visualization tools
  • Business intelligence and predictive analytics
  • Agile project management


Operations and Maintenance


Meet the growing need for protected technology infrastructures to mitigate data breach risks. Gain secure access to integrated patient and health records, enabling more informed decisions and closer collaboration.


Our solutions here include:
  • IT and security
  • Data management that connects patients, clinicians and providers
  • Infrastructure staffing solutions


Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions


Our solutions here include:
  • Call centers
  • Order processing
  • Claims processing
  • Medical testing
  • Manufacturing digitalization
  • Extended drugs lifecycle monitoring
  • Industry compliance
  • End-to-end consultancy and engineering services
  • Packaged solutions
  • Systems simplification
  • Single view of patient data
  • Marketing (Pharma)
  • Patient engagement

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