Java Active Pivot Developer

Project Description

You will be a part of the distributed development team building systems, which are responsible for Risk Management. Modern risk management imposes a lot of challenges - systems are required to be highly scalable, reactive and capable. Our systems operate with millions of deals and terabytes of data. They use thousands of grid cores and produce billions of records.
Our client is now under massive transformation and redesign towards a service-oriented approach using loosely coupled services, asynchronous communication and resilient design. We use core java, microservices approach, in-memory grids and other things to achieve maximum performance and scalability.

In our development we are using:
• Java 8 including streams and lambdas
• Active Pivot
• A little of Dispatch
• Akka
• Redis
• RESTful services
• Gradle and Docker

We work in agile and distributed environment, so effective communication and collaboration is critical to achieving our objectives. You will become a member of an empowered and strong development team, which is building the portfolio of services using Java and industry standard tools and methodologies. Team runs in Agile / Scrum model. As for tooling generally Atlassian stack (Stash/Bitbucket, Bamboo, Artifactory, JIRA, Confluence etc) is used.

Below also is a general description of the Core Services and Risk IT (where we actually look for AP developers) business:
Core Services and Risk IT: Core Services & Risk IT supports system integration and business intelligence across all of project. An important part of the mission is to help solve technology issues affecting the organisation. This is done in close cooperation with Enterprise Architecture.

Market Risk domain strategy: core legacy system, which is planned for decommission– a PL/SQL legacy system that is being broken up and replaced in situ by a microservice architecture of loosely-coupled services. It will also be transformed from an overnight batch based system into a reactive system based on messaging.

High-level description for project in Market Risk domain, where AP developers skills are going to be utilized the most:: development of Riskmart of federated ActivePivot cubes aggregating and providing a flexible and fast DataMart and front-end tool for users, which will facilitate Risk monitoring (including intraday) and Reporting by Desk Risk management and other stakeholders including historical analysis (sensitivities, PnL estimates, stress tests etc), Intraday analysis and intraday limits monitoring


As Java Developer you will design, develop and maintain new components in and around the Risk Management platform. That includes:
- Propose and introduce technical solutions in the area of responsibility, perform work breakdown, estimates.
- Design, implement and test new functionality based on business and functional requirements.
- Work in distributed team based in Tricity and Copenhagen with deep level of communication inside of international team

What you will gain by working on ActivePivot projects will contain practical use of all the above, along with the following:
- Exposure to financial markets (good for future job and salary prospects)
- A growing ActivePivot job base across many clients ¬ specialised knowledge and experience.
- Hands-on experience of profiling and performance tuning.
- Use of proven and widely used technologies (Spring, Maven, Tomcat etc.)
- Exposure to more advanced features of writing applications ¬ threading, memory consumption, garbage collection.
- Javascript / ReactJS if using new ActivePivot Live.
- Exposure to OLAP and MDX.
- Server-side and client-side skills that can be taken to other fields ¬ e-Commerce IT for example.

Skills Required

We are looking for:
- 5+ years of experience within IT field
- Java knowledge (concurrency, memory utilization, multithreading) and Spring mandatory.
- Server-side application development
- Performance tuning and profiling
- Object orientation and design
- External connectivity (JMS, JDBC etc)
- Proven track record in data modelling, delivering Oracle based solutions - SQL queries, PL/SQL code (especially in Capital Markets domain)
- Experience with tools like JIRA, Git, TeamCity
- Understanding of Agile SDLC, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing

And additionally, the following related technologies:
- Maven
- Junit
- Tomcat (or similar web servers)
- Web services (REST and SOAP)