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Line of Business:

Financial Services


BigData/Scala Developer, Wroclaw

Project Description

RDM IT aka. Records and Documents Management IT is a global technology change and delivery organization comprising nearly 200 individuals located mostly in Switzerland, Poland and Singapore. Providing global capturing and document processing, archiving and retrieval solutions to all business divisions focusing on supporting Legal, Regulatory and Operational functions. At the moment developing strategic greenfield project NGA aka. Next Generation Archiving to build large-scale digital archive for documents and records, that will gradually replace all existing archiving solutions in the bank, and to build an operational document store, that should become a single point of truth for document workflows. The whole system must scale linearly, be fault-tolerant, and handle petabytes of data. Some tech: - 100% Scala using Functional Programming (FP), - Event Driven Architecture with Kafka as event store and Kafka Streams for event streaming, - Reactive streams for streaming data over HTTP: Akka HTTP/Streams, - Non-blocking concurrency: Akka, Monix, - FP abstractions: Cats, -Developed by 2 teams using Kanban.


Must have / know:
- 1+ years building back-end systems
- 1+ years developing in Scala or other functional programming language
- distributed version control: Git or Mercurial
- strong written and verbal communication skills in English
- be able to work in multicultural work environment



Nice to have
- actor system: Akka .
- HTTP stack and building REST APIs
- functional programming with Cats or ScalaZ
- ScalaTest and BDD
- Continuous integration & deployment practices
- open minded and able to quickly learn new technologies and paradigms
- Kafka or other distributed messaging system
- Distributed environments and multi-threading
- profiling and application tuning
- build tools: Gradle
- experience with Yaml, Json and Xml (Xsd)
- experience with Unix shell and CLI tools

Nice to have

- search engine, eg. Solr, ElasticSearch
-"search" topic issues eg. builing queries, indexing, etc


  • English: Upper-intermediate

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