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Line of Business:

Financial Services


Principal Java Developer with hands on DevOps skills

Project Description

We are team consisting of 14 FTE based out of Warsaw and responsible for development and support of critical banking system of one of the globally systematically important banks.

Application is running in production for several years already, and transferred to Poland 2 years ago.

Besides business as usual activities we aim to introduce test automation, Developer environment automation and DevOps(CI/CD, CM, Infrastructure as a Code, Static Code testing, TDD, BDD) practices and architectural refactoring.

We operate in a complicated enterprise environment which is additional challenge for a team.


We are searching for person passionate about automation and architecture with lean mindset and ability to ram the doors to pull decisions in enterprise environment.
Your main goals would be:

- Analyzing application and development process for possible improvements
- Creating automatic deployments for dev and staging environments
- Implementing configuration management
- Implementing CI/CD pipelines
- Integrating auto tests, test data and health checks
- Implementing static code testing
- Migration to microservice architecture
- Implementation of containerization and orchestration
- Development of new features
- Application support and bug fixing
- Refactoring

We would expect heavy focus on automation in first 6-12 month with shift to more development responsibilities afterwards. Application is mission critical for customer so we would follow evolutionary approach rather than revolutionary.

We would also like to engage you as a technical interviewer for new roles.



- Excellent English and Polish communication
- Expertise in Java
- Hands-on experience with setting-up and automating aplication infrastructure utilizing DevOps best practices
- Experience with Maven and Gradle
- Experience with Microservices and CQRS
- Experience with CI/CD setup (TeamCity, Jenkins, Bamboo e.t.c.)
- Experience with CM Tools (Ansible, Transporter)
- Experience with test automation integration and monitoring (TDD, BDD, Integration, Load, Security)
- Experience with clouds
- Experience with virtualization and orchestration Docker and Kubernetes
- Experience with Bash and Powershell
- Version control SVN and Git
- Experience with environment automation for developers and testers
- Good understanding of Agile and Lean mindset

Nice to have

- Experience with reingeeniring and automation of legacy systems in corporate environment
- Experience with JavaEE, Spring, .Net
- Experience with distributed cache
- Experience with Websphere, Tomcat, Jboss e.t.c.
- Experience with Sonarqube
- Any of this might be also helpful: Spring(Boot, Web, Cloud, Sleuth), Kafka, JMS, Consul, Ribbon, Hystrix, Prometheus, Splunk, Zipkin, Elastic
- Automated tests: JBehave, Cucumber, Hoverfly, Mountebank, Jmeter, Gatling
- C# development
- Experience with Azure


  • English: Advanced/Fluent

Relocation package

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