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Senior Software Developer

Project Description

A new kanban team is being put together. These people will be responsible for making sure that new features that are being developed for each of the two very similar Set Top Box (STB) platforms are eventually available on both, e.g. they will be making sure new feature X exists on both platforms - A and B. The platforms are AOSP-based (Android, Java, C/C++, Linux) and run on same hardware, at some point one forked off the other so they have a similar codebase, but overall as products they have different objectives and therefore a bit different basic feature sets.


You can most effectively help the team if you:
* can familiarize quickly with complex systems
* have experience with porting features from codebase A to codebase B, while keeping quality and stability of the product as highest priority
* have experience with Android, AOSP, Linux
* have experience building AOSP
* enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with a grain of R&D and bugfix


You are good match for our team if you know:
* Basics of Android: applications, activities, services, etc
* What is AOSP and how to work with it: understanding of system's high level architecture, main components, high level codebase structure, etc, as well as how to build: git, repo tool,, Android.bp, etc
* Basic Linux stuff: command line, GNU make, bash.
* How to work with tools from our CICD toolkit: Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Git/Bitbucket, Nexus
Overall we are looking for an experienced software developer with an Agile mindset and strong analytical skills, highly communicative, with get-it-done attitude, and ready for challenge. Upper-Intermediate proficiency in English is required to held regular live technical communications with customer as well as feature-teams.
We already have such people in our teams, so we know you exist :)


  • English: Upper-intermediate

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Work Type
Software Engineering

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