Senior DevOps Engineer with AWS

Project Description

We are pleased to announce new vacancy opening in the Luxoft Media department. Our department runs a variety of small, medium and large accounts in multiple domains internationally, like Mass Media, Social Networks, Video streaming, mobile communications, CRM and even medicine, offering versatile and challenging opportunities for those who seek continuous professional development within the great team.
In Media, we are striving to employ cutting-edge technologies and approaches whenever possible. Most of our Customers come from the USA, UK, Australia, Japan and Western Europe, hence satisfactory English command is a must.
Currently, you have an opportunity to join our development center in Kiev.
Our client is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge, and events business, operating in the Knowledge and Information Economy. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 100.
We aim to create a new version of the web-based system that supports the workflow of companies at events and exhibitions.
The existing system is near nine years in the production and can't answer to the market needs. A fundamentally different software is needed to address changing user and business needs, and to compete in new business areas.
The objective of this project is to create a new software with the following attributes:
- Modern fully mobile responsive User Interface
- Advanced
User Experience
- Flexible and modular infrastructure
- Scalable for different use cases
- Robust for multiple parallel instances
- Administrator interface that accommodates current business needs and future expansions
- Incorporate partnering-related features


- Responsible for developing and maintaining builds/deployments across clients, cloud, and platform
- Maintaining and enhancing the continuous integration environment by developing tools to help automate build release processes
- Evaluating and adopting new tools to improve build release processes
- Experience with AWS in order to build, deploy and scale environments from test through production
- Collaboration across Development and QA teams for coordinating and scheduling releases across environments

Skills Required

Skills Required:
2+ years of hands-on experience working as a DevOps/Build & Release Engineer;
Hands-on experience working with Terraform,
Deep understanding of CI/CD and the project life-cycle principles;
Amazon Web Services knowledge and experience (Lambda, API Gateway, RDS);
and/or CloudFormation;
Experience in Continuous Integration System (Jenkins);
Experience with source control system: GIT


Work Type
Release/Configuration engineer

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