Product Owner (Automotive Background)

Project Description

Luxoft is one of the major Software Services companies world-wide. We deliver professional software services in multiple business verticals such as Finance, Automotive, and Digital Transformation.
Luxoft is building up a new special purpose organisation (SW House) targeted at developing In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems for the age of autonomously driving vehicles. How do people in cars spend their time? How do they interact with information and how do they best utilise the cars infrastructure in a future 2021? How to surpass all the benchmarks in automotive SW development. We believe that Software is the driving force to enable and differentiate in future environments. To achieve outstanding user experience, we build the SW House to apply the best of open source in the way that open source communities are meant to work, we focus on living continuous integration up to it's most modern concepts including continuous delivery right into the vehicle. Our project setup and way of working follows agile principles scaled to a team of multiple hundred people.
Combining latest technologies, agile way of working and the continuous striving for the best solution, we will define what IVI looks like in the future together with our OEM partner.


As a Product Owner within the SW House you will be a driving force that enables development of infotainment systems that brings the desired user experience to the user of the car.
You will be focusing on leading the definition of user stories that build up to a set of features defined on a high level by a function owner and make sure key attributes for those features are maintained throughout the realization of the user stories being defined. You are also judging what drives value to end-user when in comes to details in feature scope and contribute to the planning of user story and feature implementation.
In your daily work environment you will be working in close collaboration with a development team within SW House that is dedicated for development of the feature vertical you are responsible for. You will also collaborate with Daimler's function owners as well as with other Product Owners responsible for other feature verticals.
Being part of the SW House means that you are part of a larger project team that embraces the mindset of agile development and takes responsibility for the end-product being developed. This larger project team believes in a work climate that value people and encourages innovation, collaboration and a professionalism.

Skills Required

Identifies and solves problems which requires analysis by adopting existing procedures, techniques and methods. Actively contributes to improvements and changes. Takes responsibility for his/her actions and his/her delivery, and encourages others to do the same. Has a good understanding of the group's joint task. Seen as a person who takes full responsibility and someone who colleagues can trust. Works independently but is a team player. Can act as supervisor within his/her expertise feature domain and is able to lead engineers within the technical area. Excellent communication skills, including fluent in English as well as fluent in German.

Experience from the following is meriting:
• Feature domain expertise knowledge within your expertise feature vertical, such as Vehicle Functions, Connectivity or Entertainment.
• First hand Scrum
• Challenges and constraints within automotive domain
• Agile planning using Atlassian JIRA
• Scaling agile development into larger organisations.


Work Type
Product Manager

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