Senior Full Stack Developer

Project Description

Our customer is a top-tier investment bank with client assets of hundreds of billion globally.
Portfolio Analysis and Reporting is a master dashboards data warehousing solution that incorporates the latest technologies available providing to our customer a solution customized to their needs.
We are seeking experienced professionals who value teamwork, pioneering technology and innovation.
You will work in highly motivated teams of professionals including dedicated QA teams with full stack of testing practices; dedicated Business Analysts with strong domain expertise; dedicated UI/UX Designers; a bunch of methods, techniques and tools in our sandbox to get you focused around tech design and development.


Working on client facing single page applications that display dynamic data in tabular or chart form. UI/UX experience is a plus as the applications typically need to display large data sets that sometimes need to be condensed into various flows that can be easily browsed and understood by the end user.
Forms and form validation also play an important part of the development effort as do recognizing and solving performance issues.
Another part of the required responsibilities is markup slicing and integrating/building various user interface controls.
The applications are heavily based on AJAX requests that typically query REST API's and as a result handling asynchronous data plays an important role in the development process.

Skills Required

Main requirements:

-          Proficient in native JavaScript, Angular 2
-          Proficient in HTML(5)
-          Proficient in CSS
- Good knowledge of Java
- SQL / NoSQL - database design and optimisation
-          In depth knowledge of various JavaScript frameworks and libraries: AngularJS,NodeJS, bootstrap, grunt, bower, ReactJS, D3.js and their ecosystems
-          In depth knowledge of responsive design and libraries like Twitter Bootstrap, Pure.css
-          In depth knowledge of REST-full architecture
-          Advanced web application security knowledge
-          Strong knowledge about OOP and functional programming paradigms
-          Advanced understanding of server side technologies, web servers and protocols

Additional requirements (desirable):
-          Design patterns
-          SOAP
-          Server side application development
-          Caching
-          UI design
-          Both scripted and compiled languages
-          Build tools
-          Continuous integration tool
-          Source control systems
-          Unit testing, TDD
- Experience in Agile/SCRUM
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