Senior/Regular Java Developer

Project Description

The project sought to implement a comprehensive, bank-wide governance framework which would ensure clear mandates, transparent and fully aligned job descriptions, and respective governance control processes encompassing the delegation of authority, reporting lines and escalations as well as the structure and operations of committees.
We develop a user-friendly solution for Management Board members and key stakeholders across the organization to deliver governance-related content (for example responsibilities, accountabilities, mandatory policies, general information) and control processes (for example job description review, committee management workflow, etc.) to the personnel of the bank.
Our customer is a leading global investment bank. A leader in Europe, the bank is continuously growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets. With more than 100 000 employees in 72 countries, the bank offers unparalleled financial services throughout the world. Luxoft has over 8 years of relationship with the bank, grown to 1100 employees on its projects and became one of the bank's top IT vendors.
The project offers you perfect combination of the exciting product, latest technologies, friendly team, international communications, and Agile methodology. We are looking for talented and creative IT specialists aimed to learn new to enhance our growing team and the product itself.


- Develop Spring service and DAO layer using Hibernate;
- Implement complex business logic on backend;
- Update Oracle schema and optimize performance of SQL queries;
- Develop business reports;
- Provide implementation direction to the Development Team;
- Provide technical expertise to the Customer;
- Ability to act as a Scrum Master (optional).

Skills Required

- Java
- Spring
- Hibernate
- OSGi
- Oracle
- Scrum
- English Intermediate+