Senior Java Developer

Project Description

It is a multicultural international team located both in Zurich and Wroclaw. The team serves the main business stakeholders in Zurich and Nassau/London branches. The team consist of 1 Project Manager, 3 Business Analysts, 1 Requirements Engineer and 9 Developers. The 3 Business Analysts and the Project Manager of the project team are located in Zurich and the 1 Requirements Engineer in Wroclaw. Out of the 9 Developers of the team, the 6 of those are located in Wroclaw and the rest 3 in Zurich.

Overview of business area or project:
Business Area: The department IT develops and operates state of the art applications for Private Banking & Wealth Management business. The covered products (Listed, OtC, Structured) range from EQ, FX, FID, Commodities and Managed Lending. The main focus is on desk risk management, regulatory compliance and reporting and operational stability.

Project Key Functionality:
 Real-time front-to-back booking at issuance
 Full-fledged Lifecycle Management for London and Nassau issued cross asset class structured notes
 Issuing Vehicle Interface to LDN and Nassau branches
 Daily revaluation to general ledger ZH
 FOBO PV and Cash reconciliation

Candidate Value Proposition:
- Possibility to learn about full lifecycle of financial products, markets and processes around them
- Involvement in all phases of software lifecycle
- Usage of modern technologies and ability to work on green field components
- Possibility to gain knowledge about Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office architecture and main processes in the bank


• Development of core components for financial services using Scrum methodology
• Involvement in extensions of platform components and green-field projects
• Providing 3rd level support for production incidents
• Close cooperation with team members in Zurich and international stakeholders on a need basis
• Performing code reviews for other developers
• Writing/changing tests for performed code changes
• Providing technical documentation for most important parts of the system
• Executing integration tests with peer systems

Working in a dev team which is split between Wroclaw and Zurich, the Contractor should demonstrate strong communications skills, so that he/she can make the best out of the communication with the remotely located team members.
The Business stakeholders and the Business Analysts of the project team are located in Zurich, thus supporting active interaction with the Zurich team members is important for the better onboarding of the candidate in the new business domain knowledge.

Skills Required

Essential Skills and Qualifications:
• Very strong Java skills (OOP, Clean Code, Design patterns, Performance, at least 5 years of experience)
• Strong Java EE knowledge with experience in distributed systems (JPA, Jax-WS, Jax-RS, JMS, ESB, Integration Patterns). Experience with back-end development.
• Experience with frameworks/libraries: Hibernate, Spring (IoC, Integration, Batch, Boot, Spring WS), Guava
• Junit tests (BDD, TDD), Mockito, PowerMock, Testing with Spring
• MS SQL Server experience (locking, indexing, isolation, performance)
• Experience with Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Team City, Bamboo), Maven, Ant
• Good English skills (communication with BAs on daily basis)
• Experience with Scrum methodology

Desired Skills and Qualifications:
• Interest in Micro services architecture and modern technology
• Experience with different kind of architectures
• Strong analytical skills
• Team oriented
• Good Problem Solving Ability – Ability to think ‘outside the box’
• Financial/Banking domain experience
• Eclipse or/and InteliJ experience
• Ability to work under pressure
• Experience with Weblogic server is an advantage
• Linux/Unix background (bash, rpm, permission setup) / deployment automation is an advantage

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