Java Developer

Project Description

The primary goal of our team is to provide upstream applications with the highest quality Time Series data. One of the highest-profile projects at the moment is the implementation of financial analysis and review tool.

Primary functions provided by our team:

- Daily sourcing of time-series data from various disparate data sources
- Automated and rule-based cleansing of all time-series data exceptions on a daily basis
- Automation of end user calculations used to derive complex synthetic time series

Changes we’re aiming to introduce to cater for the rapidly increasing amount of data

- Improvements in system monitoring and reporting
- Implementation of clustering
- Hardware scaling
- Performance optimizations in the heaviest and most sophisticated calculations performed


- Writes high quality Object-Oriented and computationally efficient code
- Performs meticulous and valuable code reviews for the other team peers
- Is a mentor for the younger and less experienced members of the team (the primary point of contact in case of technical issues)
- Is able to prepare a technical design for the bigger functionality / project and break it down into manageable tasks
- Is able to coordinate effectively the work of the other team members

Skills Required

Essentials Skills and Qualifications:
- Proficiency in Java, at least 7 (MUST HAVE)
- Understanding of highly concurrent, distributed systems (MUST HAVE)
- Deep understanding of the Object Oriented Design and SOLID principles (MUST HAVE)
- The sense of craftsmanship and attention to details (always performs end-to-end, integration, unit and performance tests, is responsible for her / his code and functionality; always striving to complete the tasks given according to the best industry standards)
- Integrity: is honest and not defensive
- He communicates effectively in English (to the level of being able to easily discuss complex technical issues and defend her / his own point of view)

Nice to have:
- Proficiency in the following technologies: Spring (or any other DI framework), JMS (or any other messaging system) (HUGE ADVANTAGE)
- Experience in working with J2EE application servers (e.g. Weblogic, JBoss, Websphere etc.)