About the program

"Recommended for work in Luxoft" is an external program of recruitment, which enables to attract specialists from market for closing of existing and prospective vacancies in the company, powered by Adecco.

It is applicable for both employees of the company and external referees (freelancers, recruiting agencies, IT specialists).


All you have to do is to recommend your IT friend for a job to Recruitment Department

  • Fill in the form below - send us your IT friend name (CV preferably)
  • Our Recruitment Department will contact you to confirm all details
  • If your friend starts cooperation with Luxoft, after 3 months you will receive money on your bank account!

Reference is accepted and recorded in following cases:

  • Referred candidate is absent in database at the time of reference acceptance.
  • Referred candidate already existed in database, but was not in processing within 3 months prior to the reference.
  • Referred candidate is already in processing within 3 months prior to the reference, but at the time of recommendation he/she is “hot” and actively looking for a job.

You do not have to be employed by Luxoft in order to be able to refer people to us and be applicable for the bonus.
You can refer a friend to us for all our open positions. In order to find out what positions we have open at the moment, check them out here: http://www.luxoft.com/careers/. Our Adecco partners will support you with additional information you might need.
Your referral will be applicable for the bonus if the candidate is interested in working for Luxoft. Acceptable reference should contain: full name of the candidate, specialization or information about suitable vacancy, Contact information: cell, e-mail, Skype, links to social media accounts and preferably CV
If your referred candidate is hired in Luxoft, you will get the bonus after 3 months.

Referral page 3 steps

Giving recommendations

Just think who can recommend and do it in one of two possible ways:

  1. Fill the recommendation form below
  2. Write an email to our Recruitment team in Bulgaria at Luxoft.Bulgaria@adecco.com

Fill the recommendation form

You shall notify your candidate that Luxoft Holding inc. (Data Controller) and its affiliates (LUXOFT GROUP) will process his/her personal data as described in the Privacy Policy for the purposes of potential employment, internship or relocation to LUXOFT GROUP entity or its subsidiary or client and respectively obtain the explicit and freely given consent of this person for doing this. This means LUXOFT GROUP is a personal data controller. More details of this will be sent to the candidate.

Please note that as soon as you submitted the recommendation, referred candidate will receive an automatic notification informing them that Luxoft has obtained their personal data and specifying from whom this data was obtained.

Your data

If you are an employee of Luxoft, please use your corporate email. It is required for a proper registration of your reference in the system.
If you want a particular recruiter to work with your candidate, please specify his/her name. Otherwise you can leave this field blank.

Your friend data

If you don't have this information, please leave this field blank.
Please specify here the country, where your friend currently lives.
If you don't have this information, please leave this field blank.

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